Pompeo Suspects Iran In Escalating Tension And Accusses Of Oil Tankers Attacks
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Pompeo Suspects Iran In Escalating Tension And Accusses Of Oil Tankers Attacks


June 14, 2019. – Washington, USA.

Secretary of State Mile Pompeo on Wednesday accused the Islamic Republic Iran of attacking the oil tankers in Gulf of Oman, a vital shipping route through which much of the world’s oil passes.

“Iran is lashing out because the regime wants our successful maximum pressure campaign lifted. No economic sanctions entitle the Islamic Republic to attack innocent civilians, disrupt global oil markets and engage in nuclear blackmail.”

Although, Pompeo didn’t cite any evidences on which he and specifically Washington build their accusations.

“The international community condemns Iran’s assault on the freedom of navigation and the targeting of innocent civilians,” he said, adding that the U.S. will defend its forces, interests and partners.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaking of Iran's responsibility in takers attack

A month ago, the Pentagon announced it was sending additional U.S. troops, drones and fighter jets to the Middle East amid increasing tensions between the Washington and Tehran. Officials at the Pentagon said they had credible intelligence that Iran and its proxies are planning to attack American forces in Iraq.

“The deployment will include approximately 1,500 U.S. military personnel and consist of a Patriot battalion to defend against missile threats, additional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft, an engineer element to provide force protection improvements throughout the region and a fighter aircraft squadron to provide additional deterrence and depth to our aviation response options,” acting Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan wrote in a May 24 statement.

Meanwhile the U.S. military has released a video that can serve as a confirmation of Iran's involvement in the tankers attack. This video shows Iran's Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the oil tankers targeted as if an evidence. But still, Iran denies its implication and backfires the US accusing of waging an "Iranophobic campaign" against it.

This entire story as it may seem reminds of Gulf of Tonkin Incident on August 4, 1964 when two North Vietnam boats allegedly torpedoed the destroyer USS Maddox in the neutral waters. The incident that led subsequently to that the US was involved in the Vietnam War. Of course it is doubtful that the U.S. would use the same old trick but the attempt to increase its military presence in the region says fot itself. But on the ther hand the oil price police will be surely effected.



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Author: Usa Really