A Man Was Arrested After Police Seized Over 1,700 Bags of Fentanyl in Connecticut
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A Man Was Arrested After Police Seized Over 1,700 Bags of Fentanyl in Connecticut

photo: Hartford police


Hartford police took more than 1,700 bags of the powerful drug "fentanyl" off the streets on Monday.

Officers found the narcotics in a raid on a home at 8 Westbrook Street and an apartment at 1653 Park St.

Police seized around 130 grams of unprocessed fentanyl, 1759 bags packaged fentanyl and approximately $700 in cash.

Richard Colon, 39, of Hartford, was taken into custody without incident during a motor vehicle stop in the area of 1653 Park Street. He’s being charged with possession of narcotics, possession with intent to sell narcotics and motor vehicle violations. Colon posted bail and is expected to appear back in court on June 20th.

Fentanyl, a drug previously unheard of by many, has become notorious in recent years due to the spike in overdose deaths from heroin laced with the potent prescription narcotic. As an extremely strong painkiller that produces effects similar to heroin, fentanyl has made its way from the hospital to the street, and the consequences are often deadly.

The United States is in the middle of a fentanyl public health crisis. Today, there is more fentanyl available than at any other time since 1959 when the drug was first created. Fentanyl is more lethal than many other illicit substances because even an extremely small dose (2 milligrams) can be fatal.

On the street, it is sold under various names, such as “China Girl” and “China White.”

The incident remains under investigation.

Author: USA Really