A Woman Was Strangled and Dismembered on a Tinder Date in Lincoln
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A Woman Was Strangled and Dismembered on a Tinder Date in Lincoln


NEBRASKA — June 15, 2018 

The 24-year-old clerk at the home improvement store, Sydney Loofe was brutally murdered by duo using building tools in Lincoln (Nebraska) 

According to court documents, on November 15, 2017, Loofe posted on Snapchat: "Ready for her Tinder date". Nobody known exactly what happened when she dropped out of sight. A few months later Loofe's dismembered body was found in garbage bags east of Clay Center on December. 

By the time the police arrested two people: Aubrey Trail, 51, and Bailey Boswell, 23. 

The documents also reveal security video from Home Depot in Lincoln on November 15, which shows that they had bought tools and supplies, which further were used in the dismemberment and disposal of Loofe's body.  

She was still alive at the moment, then Trail wrapped extension around her neck and tightened it. 

"I put my fingers round her neck and started strangling her," he acknowledged in court. 

After they both cleaned up the crime scene and disposed of Loofe’s body.  

The FBI had to rebuild Loofe’s body, found in rural Clay County. 

Trail and Boswell are still being held in Saline County Jail after their arrests in Taney County, Missouri. Except they are indicted on more than a dozen federal fraud charges. They're set for sentencing in August and face 10 years in prison. 

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