Driver Hit a Kid, Messed Up His Head and Walked Away
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Driver Hit a Kid, Messed Up His Head and Walked Away



The boy named Cristian Valdez has been run over by a stolen car in New Jersey. Now he is in coma.

According to the police, they’re searching for an early model Audi with extensive front-end damage, including a broken grille, and a possible damage to the bumper, hood and windshield.

The boy has been on a skateboard when the car speeds right through the storefront across the street. Later Valdez was found lying near the intersection of Knickerbocker Road and Bilmar Place in Englewood.

It’s unclear whether he was in the street, zebra crossing or shoulder. The police believe a driver hit the teen and took off, leaving him in a critical condition.

Now he’s in a medically induced coma; the doctors are working feverishly to revive him. 

“They’ve done brain surgery on him to try and reduce swelling,” Valdez's brother said.

The family hopes someone will come forward and help the police figure out who’s responsible. Their loved ones beg that driver to make contact.

“Do the right thing. Have some decency, some humanity for us,” they pleade.

Author: USA Really