Trump Says He Is Being Reported About USO's
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Trump Says He Is Being Reported About USO's


President Donald Trump confirmed he was briefed on UFOs, as a growing number of pilots report seeing unexplained objects in the sky.

George Stephanopoulos questioned Trump in an interview aired Sunday about the issue and asked his opinion about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

"I think it's probably, uh, I want them to think whatever they think, they do say, I mean, I've seen and I've read and I've heard, and I did have one very brief meeting on it," he said. "But people are saying they're seeing UFO's, do I believe it? Not particularly."

When asked about his thoughts on extraterrestrials, Trump was non-committal.

"Well, I think our great pilots would know and some of them really see things tha are a little bit different than in the past, so we're going to see, but we'll watch it," he said. "You'll be the first to know."




Author: Usa Really