Harvey Weinstein: innocent victim Ronald S. Sullivan
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Harvey Weinstein: innocent victim Ronald S. Sullivan


Already Former Harvard Law School Professor Ronald S. Sullivan, was fired for wanting to realize the right to protect a person. Harvard students created a petition calling for the dismissal of Sullivan. According to the petition, Sullivan could remain Weinstein’s representative, but argued that such a decision completely contradicted the Harvard community.

To be perfectly explicit: I am not saying Dean Sullivan should not be defending Weinstein. I am saying that in his role as a House Dean, his defense of such a figure induces a great amount of fear and hurt in victims of the crimes that Weinstein is accused of, and although anyone facing the law is innocent until proven guilty, the scope of the Weinstein case still literally shakes people on this campus to this day. His role on Weinstein's team, and position as a community leader, are NOT mutually exclusive and the former has incredibly harmful implications for the latter.

After this petition Prof. Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. & Stephanie Robinson received notice of dismissal. They also recorded a response video appeal with explanations of this situation.

Quote: “What’s at stake here is not my future, or ours, or even our family’s. We will be fine. What is at stake are the values that underwrite the best traditions of higher education, the very same traditions that have sustained Harvard for nearly 400 years. In America, everyone is entitled to a defense, in America, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and in America, everyone is entitled to due process of law under our Constitution.”

Author: Usa Really