DNA Revealed the Crime of 30 Years Ago
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DNA Revealed the Crime of 30 Years Ago


WASHINGTON – May 22, 2018
New DNA technology helped to arrest of a 55 year old man killing a young Canadian couple in Washington 30 years ago.

It was happened in 1987. Van and Cook Cuylenborg left their house in British Columbia on Nov. 18. When the couple failed to return, their families fled a missing persons report.

On Nov. 24 a man discovered Van Cuylenborg's body. She had been sexually assaulted, bound with plastic ties and shot in the head. Cook's battered body was found the next day. Police were able to obtain DNA from the van.

Talbot was identified as a suspect through genetic genealogy.

Some later DNA genotype data was uploaded to a public genetic-genealogy website that found likely matches for two of Talbot's relatives and further work by the genealogist led to Talbot. Police acquired a DNA sample from a cup Talbot had used and discarded.

Police announced arrest William Earl Talbot Il of SeaTac, Washington. They also was trying to connect him to the death of her boyfriend, 20-year-old Jeay Cook.

"He was never on any list law enforcement had, there was never a tp providing his name," said sheriff's detective Jim Scharf said of Talbot. "nf it hadn't been for genetic genealogy, we wouldn't be standing here today."

Also police is seeking tips about Talbot's activities in 1987 and 1988.


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