Misplaced Outrage Over Peaceful Protest & the Rabblerousing of Trump
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Misplaced Outrage Over Peaceful Protest & the Rabblerousing of Trump

photo: Hirsch

It is not an over-exaggeration to state that as Americans we are witnessing more of our rights corroding away since those false-flag, contriving events in 2001, and now especially under a disrespectful and mentally-unstable president who clearly has tyrannical tendencies. This does not go to say that Jezebel (Hillary Clinton) would have been a better option. Let me make that perfectly clear right from the outset.

As if we don’t have enough structural issues with our economy, race relations, poverty, crime, police brutality, among other areas, now the president is openly disrespecting African-American athletes, using vile language to insult them when they respectfully [and peacefully] exercise their 1st Amendment right by kneeling down when our national anthem is being played at various sporting events.

Like so many other things in this dying and decaying empire, this is NOT a red-herring side-issue that was designed to distract us from what’s really going on. It’s very much a legitimate topic.

Here is a specific list of more abhorrent issues than simply kneeling as a sign of totally peaceful dissent when our national anthem is being played:

  1. Secret FISA courts,
  2. Washington’s disgusting support of ISIS. ISIS terrorists, by the way, are now only present in the US-controlled areas in Syria. What does that tell you?! What have we been saying all along?
  3. Laws infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights,
  4. Targeting  political opposition with IRS threats,
  5. Prosecuting Americans who expose Washington’s crimes as “traitors”,
  6. Sending America’s youth to fight perpetual, preemptive, and unconstitutional wars of aggression with no end in sight,
  7. Free speech “zones”,
  8. Career politicians,
  9. Too powerful of a central government much to the dismay of our Founding Fathers’ intent. Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave.
  10. Shooting unarmed people who are having a mental illness crisis,
  11. Bailing out “too-big-to-fail” banks,
  12. Steeling money from poor people and using it to prop rich dictators and globalist corporate thieves while calling it “foreign aid”,
  13. Mandating that people must purchase a product that they don’t want or need, i.e. private health insurance, or face penalties.

These 13 items only address the central government. I haven’t even touched the oligarchic corporate kleptocracy which is another monster unto itself. Shame on you President Trump for blaming the oppressed instead of going after the oppressors. You are a disgrace! That is becoming more and more apparent to everyone, even your own base which you have betrayed.

Neo-liberal globalists tell the US citizens:

Without the government, there would be chaos.

Without the government, who would build spikes where the homeless sleep?

Without the government, who would “protect” us from medicinal plants?

Without the government, who would fine us from taking too long of a shower while letting Nestle Corporation pump billions of gallons of water for free?

Without the government, who would drone-bomb innocent citizens in the Middle East?

Without the government, who would pay PR firms $540 million to make fake terrorist videos?

Without the government, people would be irresponsible while the Federal Government amasses a $21 trillion national debt and counting.

Without the government, who would steal money out of the pockets of hotdog vendors because they may be undocumented immigrants?

Without the government, there would be chaos. The U.S Government IS chaos and it is exporting it at an unprecedented rate all over the world.

I will not argue or debate with brainwashed sheep with deluded perceptions. This country is going down and it is going down fast. It is our collective responsivity as Americans to save it before it is too late. We must become a republic again.

Author: Alexander Azadgan