Is Donald Trump the Most Dangerous Human Ever?
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Is Donald Trump the Most Dangerous Human Ever?


And the disparity in headlines speak volumes on domestic propaganda for making America great again (MAGA). When Barack Obama opened the United States’s strategic reserves to up the ante in the ongoing energy war, we witness the beginning of the end of the so-called American Dream.

Fantastically, Britain’s BBC ran a story the other day about “Thousands of spills at US oil and gas fracking sites.” What a strange turn, I thought, when the world’s leading national propaganda media spits out the truth for once! Perhaps British Petroleum (BP) is losing its fair share of revenues in the states? Then predictably, CleanTechnica and other media in the United States proclaimed, “Fracking Will Make US World's Largest Fossil Fuel Supplier By 2023.” So, the question is of whether or not successive Washington administrations have strived to make our country great depends on your definition of great.

Hydraulic fracturing of wells to suck the last of the natural gas out releases more than 5.3 billion pounds of the potent greenhouse gas methane each year. According ecologists, this is the equivalent of an additional 22 coal-fired power plants spewing pollutants into the atmosphere. Furthermore, a study by Environment America's Stop Drilling program suggests that toxic water and other pollutants from fracking have damaged at 675,000 acres of land since 2005. And the real horrors of the ill-advised fracking boom go on and on. What’s interesting to note though, is the fact American mainstream media covers for the energy giants involved in the questionable practice, while foreign reports from outlets like The Guardian come closer to painting the real picture. Amazingly, nobody in America is paying attention.

But if you frequent environmental, scientific, and climate change media in the U.S. a nightmarish situation unfolds. Becca Fischer at Climate West ran a piece recently entitled 2,800+ New Oil and Gas Wells to Worsen Utah’s Already Threatened Air Quality.”Reporting about government officials putting the “rubber stamp” of approval on all big energy moves, here’s a speck of what Fischer had to say on the situation in Utah:

“The natural gas fracking project would expand EOG Resources (FYI, EOG is the descendant of Enron, so you get a sense of the company’s ancestry).  EOG has already turned pubic lands in the eastern Uinta Basin into a complete oil and gas sacrifice zone.”

Fracking has made people like the UK’s Petrochemical firm Ineos’ boss  Jim Ratcliffe  wealthier than most normal people can imagine. Last year alone the increased his wealth by more than £15bn last year to take the crown as Britain’s richest person. However profitable the chemicals and fracking industry has been for Ratcliffe though, at least Ineos is heavily invested in alternative biofuels. Unlike his contemporaries in the U.S. the former Esso executive does seem to be innovative and forward thinking. Clearly his company sees fracking as only a temporary way to fill European and American gas tanks.

Across the pond most of the new fracking billionaires are your typical “in and out” profiteers like the Wilks Brothers, who sold their stake in Frac Tech for $3.5 billion. There are, however, die hard energy dinosaurs like Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm, who is now one of Donald Trump's key energy advisers. The profiteer who benefitted from the now notorious Bakken fields, is the man Forbes stuck on its cover with the headline, "Harold Hamm: The Billionaire Oilman Fueling America's Recovery." Heroes they are! Titans of the American Dream! And Hamm also ordered the University of Oklahoma Mewbourne College School of Earth and Energy to fire earthquake researchers for being involved in studying connections between oil and gas activity and the increase in the earthquake activities in the state. Titans, you see, cannot tolerate criticism or the truth if affects their endeavors. The fact that Hamm is allegedly seeking to name his own head of Oklahoma’s Geological Survey (OGS) unit bears noting here too.

And then there’s news that a newspaper owned by Philip Anschutz, one of these fracking billionaires leaked a memo calling opponents to pipelines “potential terrorists.” You read that correctly, the Washington Examiner owner essentially caused the Department of Homeland Security to look into Dakota Pipeline protesters being a terrorist threat. Anschutz, a former American Petroleum Institute board member owns Anschutz Exploration Corporation and dozens of other companies.

At the end of the day all this Trump-big energy play is a declaration of war on the environment an on the legacy of the people of the United States of America. While our democracy is supposed to be representative, any political scientists might tell you America is a plutocracy governed by wealthy people who truly believe they know what is best for all. But the big trouble with aristocrats is their penchant for rationalization that leans toward lining their own pockets. And fracking the last drops of oil and gas under our country is the latest outrage. And now that we’ve reached “peak oil” this last gasp will end up decimating our country. Call me a doomsday evangelist if you must, but Tom Engelhardt at The Nation framed my argument for me recently. Engelhardt’s article, which first appeared on, tells us who and what these “aristocrats” are:

“As for it—Earth—the planet itself can’t, of course, care, no matter what we do to it. And I’m sure it won’t be news to you that, when it comes to him—and I mean, of course, President Donald J. Trump, who reputedly has a void where the normal quotient of human empathy might be—don’t give it a second’s thought. Beyond himself, his businesses, and possibly (just possibly) his family, he clearly couldn’t give less of a damn about us or, for that matter, what happens to anyone after he departs this planet.”

The author goes on to reveal how 70% of Americans still believe global warming exists, even though the major media and our politicians now assure us the whole things was a hoax. Enter big energy again. Pipelines though sacred Native American lands, fracking operations causing earthquakes, drought, and untold pollution of our aquifers, along with a global power play – they make Donald Trump the most dangerous man who ever lived. And you thought this title went to Vladimir Putin? The Russians are busy trying to save their environment, while Trump and the fat senators carve up trillions while the getting is good. Instead of figuring out how to provide cheap or free sustainable energy for citizens, Trump and his handlers are conjuring up ways to pump out trillions of barrels of mostly unrecoverable oil to fill their pockets with the last drops. Horizontal drilling, fracking, dangerous new exploration, next the billionaires will employ diviners and medicine show Indians to dredge out the last of their precious black gold. And at what final cost? Has anyone calculated what our atmosphere and aquifers will look like after several trillion barrels hit the pumps?

For those of you out there who will still argue this is the beginning of the end of the elusive American Dream – you need to examine your own character and knowledge. America, the planet, this solar system, even the wider universe operates by the laws of physics on the one hand, and by God’s law on the other. And our leadership is breaking both branches. I’ll have more on big energy and fracking in a later report. For now please digest this when you have time. 

Author: Phil Butler