Trump Speaks To The Faith And Freedom 2019 Road to Majority Policy Conference
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Trump Speaks To The Faith And Freedom 2019 Road to Majority Policy Conference


Just before heading off to Japan for the G20 President Donald Trump addressed the Faith and Freedom Coalition 2019 Road to Majority Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. and touted the ways his administration is pushing conservative policies and protecting religious Americans. 

Mr. Trump claimed that the "shameful attempt to oppress religious believers ended the day I took the oath of office." 

Mr. Trump recalled how his administration has chosen not to enforce the Johnson Amendment, a law prohibiting churches and pastors from advocating for political candidates or risk their tax-exempt status. The president said that will remain the case "unless they speak against me, in which case I'll bring it back," adding that he's "only kidding." The president has not undone the law, like he sometimes claims he has, but rather told the Treasury Department it can enforce at its own discretion — leaving the possibility that the Trump administration could only penalize churches that oppose the president. 

"Our great clergy is now able to speak without fear of retribution, and I'm very proud of that. I said I was going to do that, I'm very proud of it. They can speak -- unless they speak against me, in which case we'll bring it back," the president said to laughter. "We'll bring back that Johnson amendment so fast."

Then, at once:

"I'm only kidding, I'm only kidding, they're gonna take it seriously," the president added, motioning to the press. "They're gonna go out -- 'We have breaking news.' They're gonna say 'see I told you, he wants to be a dictator, I told you that!'"

President made the case that he is the most pro-life president ever.

"We're preserving our country as viral tradition of faith based adoption. We're proudly defending the sanctity of life. But keep fighting because it's fragile. Unfortunately, democrat politicians have become increasingly hostile to pro-life Americans who want to help more children to find a loving home and share their dreams with the world."

And judging the Virginia governor who supports the after the moment of birth abortions Trump noted that "it was something nobody have ever heard of before" and stressed that "after the child is born it becomes an execution."

Talking about the "unbelievable" situation with the amount of federal judges he inherited after Obama's administration Trump submitted that:

"Democrats are determined to pack the courts with radical left judges who will impose their own far left views on the American people. That is why I will soon appoint my 145th judge to interpret the Constitution as written".

Trump didn't forget about healthcare in the light of the new law that he has recently signed.

"We're expanding affordable healthcare increasing access to plans sixty percent cheaper than Obamacare. We are doing a plan that is gonna come out and if we win the presidency I think we have a great chance to do all. We have a healthcare plan that is far better than Obamacare."

Then President asked Nathalie Harp, the victim of a medical error, who was mistakenly diagnosed bone cancer due to the former medical reform, to come up on the stage. She called Trump "my good Samaritan" who "picked her and the people from the side of the road" "because he believes in survivals of the fighters".

Nathalie ended her a tear drawing speech in a cheering in tone:

"Mister President, you have made a lot of promises to us and you have kept everyone of them so now we're gonna make you this promise. Just as you fought for us, for God and America, we'll never forget. And you saw us on the side of the road and you walked over and you picked us up and you made us great again. So we're gonna fight for you, mister President, God bless you."

Author: Usa Really