LGBT community fails to fight the right wing extremist
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LGBT community fails to fight the right wing extremist


For several months, "Drag Queen Story Hour" has been under siege by far-right activists. These events are held in libraries where children spend time with members of the LGBT community.

Drag Queen Story Hour has already been canceled in a number of libraries, due to constant protests and threats from opponents of the LTPT community. In particular, In Warren County, New Jersey, the event was canceled due to a two-day, incessant stream of threatening calls.

Ultra-right extremists operate not only at libraries, organizing rallies and telephone attacks. According to verified data, especially ardent neo-Nazis create “white channels” in the popular Telegram messenger calling for the Drag Queen Story Hour, encouraging doxing in the Facebook, the so-called cyber attack, when personal information is deliberately disseminated.

The church was also implicated in these protests, in particular the New Covenant Baptist Church and its pastor Afhsin Yaghtin, who tried to penetrate police barriers, where the forces of the LGBT community defenders and the Drag Queen Story Hour were concentrated. The pastor motivated his actions by saying that he wants to defend his views and express an opinion near the entrance to a public building - the library, as the "opponents" do, and not across the road.

People on the Internet, on Reddit’s website, have extremely negatively reacted to the pastor’s actions and believe that verger should behave more restrained.

LGBT community fails to fight the right wing extremist

“A drag queen reading stories is child abuse,” Shouted protesters. “We don’t want to teach them that they can be anything they want.”

According to the Daily Caller, several members of the ultra-right movement have already been detained by the police. To which the "white" channels in Telegrams used this case as a provocation and wanted to organize their own sniper teams.

Kevin Wong, representative of the LGBT youth advocacy organization the Trevor Project also stated that:

“Any positive visibility helps people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, even if they’re straight or cisgender, to learn more about other folks. We know that supportive people can help reduce the risk of discrimination and suicide for LGBTQ people."

“Visibility is huge for LGBTQ young people, especially when they see positive representations of LGBTQ people out in their community doing good things.”

Author: Usa Really