The situation at the border is deteriorating
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The situation at the border is deteriorating


Texas border guards on Monday detained an unidentified pregnant refugee from Honduras. According to the customs service, the woman was taken to a physical examination, where "the medical staff could not detect the heartbeat of the fetus." A little later, the woman delivered a stillborn child.

According to official figures in the "death camps" on the southern border, six children died.

Recently, inspections were carried out in places of detention of detained migrants, which showed clear deviations from the standards of maintenance of people, and especially children. Many of the prisoners in the "concentration camps" complain about the lack of food.

"I'm hungry here at Clint all the time," a 12-year-old boy said, according to the lawyers. "I'm so hungry that I have woken up in the middle of the night with hunger....I'm too scared to ask the officials here for any more food."

Elora Mukherjee, one of the lawyers who visited the facility, reported that almost all the children complained that they were constantly hungry.

"Nearly every child I spoke with was hungry. The food is given out in trays and every child gets the same ration regardless of if they're one year old or seventeen years old, or if they're a breast feeding mother who has higher caloric needs," said Mukherjee, a Clinical Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, during a Monday interview with CBS News.


The testimony of the prisoners terrified the lawyers who were sent to check.

All children and adults live in dirty clothes for weeks without the ability to wash them. There are cases when parents and children are separated.

"The conditions within which [children] are held could be compared to torture facilities. That is, extreme cold temperatures, lights on 24 hours a day, no adequate access to medical care, basic sanitation, water, or adequate food," wrote the doctor, Dolly Lucio Sevier.

Lawyers make every effort to ensure that at least independent doctors are allowed to visit children for examination and provide qualified assistance, the answer to the request from the immigration service has not yet been received.

Author: Usa Really