“Zombie” Man on Drugs Almost Dies Under the Wheels of a Train
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“Zombie” Man on Drugs Almost Dies Under the Wheels of a Train

photo: Joel Goodman/LNP

BROOKLYN — June, 16, 2018

A zombie-like man, under the influence of drugs, tried to dance on a subway platform in Brooklyn, NY.

His friend, a 51-year-old user, also under the influence of "Mary Jane" stunned people, lying, zonked out and drooling, on the tracks — right next to the electrified third rail. It happened at the Myrtle Avenue and Broadway J-M-Z station in Bushwick.

The man was gumming his lips and muttering incoherently, disturbing video footage showed. His face, also appeared as if it were somehow decomposing.

"I believe it was the behavior of a person under the influence of a drug, not alcohol." said a witness on the platform.

People feared to go down on the rails to help the man because they were under high voltage. One of the witnesses called 911.

"That looks like K2 bulls–t! This is by far the K2 bulls–t. K2 is hell on rails!" said the young man, who was at the platform that time.

“Someone’s coming to help you. We called the police. Try not to move,” shouted people. “The trains are not even running.”

This case was filmed by witness, Taiberious Carr. He posted it on Facebook with the hashtag “Zombie Land.” It has now been viewed more than 238,000 times

According to witnesses, it took almost 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive and more than 45 minutes for the police. Both men were then rushed to Kings County Hospital, one with severe injuries.

The Brooklyn area in which the incident took place is famous for its crazy-making synthetic drug, which has caused dozens of overdoses in recent weeks. Many people have been spotted passed out on sidewalks and foaming at the mouth, after taking it in the area.

 Passers-by say a restaurant near the subway station even sells the drugs.

Earlier there were two more crazed K2 users in Brooklyn within hours of each on Friday and the immediate days before.

One of them was wrangled naked near Glenmore and Snediker avenues in East New York. The other was spotted passed out helplessly on Bedford Avenue and Herkimer Street in Clinton Hill.

Last month three K2 users passed out on Crown Heights sidewalks after suffering from suspected K2 overdoses.

One case of death, in suspicious unresolved circumstances, took place on a Crown Height's sidewalk after an individual suffered from a suspected K2 overdose.

There, so far, have been no K2 related arrests tied to the incident.

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