USA: The epidemic of "basket case" parents
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USA: The epidemic of "basket case" parents


Iowa – another victim of irresponsible parents was a 16-month-old girl who died in a locked, red-hot car.

In 4 p.m. reported to the rescue service and unconscious child. At the present moment it is not known how much time the girl spent in the car before she died as a result of heat stroke. At the time of detection of the body temperature on the street exceeded 100 degrees. Under investigation, the name of the deceased and her parents are not disclosed.

For 2019, this is the 17th case of the "involuntary" manslaughter of children locked in a car under the sun.

73 dogs and other animal companions who reportedly died from heat-related causes in 2018 & 2019:

Against the background of a scandal erupted with extremely strict laws banning abortions in Alabama and Georgia, where a doctor and a pregnant woman can go to prison for an abortion for life, nothing will be done about disorderly parents who tortured almost 2 dozen babies to death for 2019.

Also, more than 20 years in prison faces Marshae Jones, who lost her unborn child during a fight with an armed Ebony Jemison.

USA: The epidemic of "basket case" parents

Author: Usa Really