Dormitory collapse at University of Nevada: 8 injured
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Dormitory collapse at University of Nevada: 8 injured


On Friday, July 5th, there was an explosion at the University of Nevada hostel. According to reports from the fire service, after the collapses, 2 people were taken to hospitals with moderate injuries and six more were helped at the scene of the incident.

Information about the cause of the explosion is not yet available. Eyewitnesses claim that the explosion occurred in the basement of the building.

“The buildings are being checked floor by floor by fire and emergency crews for structural damage and for any remaining occupants,” said spokesman Humbert. “Our main focus is public safety and completing the search of the building. No one is missing.”

Witnesses claim that at the time of the explosion, there were at least 100 people in the building.

At this time, all classes are canceled, the authorities recommend to stay away from damaged areas of the building. Fire services carry out the necessary measures to assess damage and determine the structural stability of the building.

Author: Usa Really