Hundreds of cyclists have "died" in New York today
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Hundreds of cyclists have "died" in New York today


Cyclists from all over New York united today to organize a protest rally, after 3 cyclists died on the streets of the city in one week.

People defiantly lay on the ground for several minutes with signs that read “New York to cyclists: drop dead” and “reckless driving kills”. Protesters are demanding that the city authorities secure the streets for cyclists. Since the government of New York promised to change the situation on the roads, but did not keep its promises and people continue to die in the streets.

“People are literally dying on the streets because they’re not being adequately protected,” said Joseph Cutrufo, communications director of Transportation Alternatives, a city pedestrian and cyclists advocacy group that organized the protest.

According to statistics, New York ranks first in the list of cities with the number of people who chose a bicycle as their main mode of transport, and New York ranks first in the number of deaths of cyclists on the roads. According to the information to date, New York has almost 50 thousand cyclists, and this year alone 15 people have already died, compared to last year, this figure is already 5 more than last year.

Many people call road traffic in the city center "dangerous" and "not suitable for cycling."

20-year-old Robyn Hightman, was killed on June 24 in Manhattan.

“Robyn is a very experienced cyclist. Robyn knew how to manage their bike very well, Robyn worked as a courier,” said Christina Gavin, Hightman’s friend.

Many less experienced cyclists, seeing how people are dying on the streets, fear for their lives. Activists also created an Instagram page that reveals the problem "visually."

The New York authorities plan to build an additional 500 miles of protected bike lanes, this should optimize road traffic and protect all road users.

Author: Usa Really