Texas Border Patrol Chase Ends In Crash. 5 Immigrants Dead
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Texas Border Patrol Chase Ends In Crash. 5 Immigrants Dead


DIMMIT COUNTY, TEXAS – June 18, 2018

At least five people were killed and several others injured when an SUV believed to be carrying undocumented immigrants crashed in southern Texas after being chased by Border Control agents.

The high-speed car chase initiated by the US Border Patrol started about 50 miles from the Mexico border. “The vehicle was traveling around 100 miles an hour,” Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd told reporters. “The vehicle ran off the road and caught gravel and then tried to recorrect and then caused the vehicle to turn over several times.”

Out of 14 people in the car, four were killed on the spot while a fifth person died at the hospital in San Antonio, the Dimmit County Sheriff said. Others were taken to nearby hospitals. All 14 people in the vehicle were adults. No information about the names and nationalities of the victims have been released yet.

Marion Boyd said two United States citizens — the driver and one passenger — were trying to smuggle 12 unauthorized immigrants. He said his office would work with federal officials to charge the driver and the passenger, adult males who had not been identified.

12 people in the back of the vehicle were undocumented immigrants, as was verified when officials found foreign passports on some of the deceased, Boyd said. Some of the injured passengers were well enough to speak, he said and could be interviewed.

Despite the tragic outcome of the incident, the Sheriff commended what he called the “good police work” by the Border Agents who initiated the chase. At the same time, Boyd emphasized that the officers did nothing wrong and that high-speed chases around the state of Texas are a common occurrence.

“Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of those who died in the crash,” the United States Customs and Border Protection said in a statement.

The crash is also being investigated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the United States Border Patrol, and other federal agencies.

Author: USA Really