ICE vs Jews: 120 Protestants arrested
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ICE vs Jews: 120 Protestants arrested


Across America, a wave of protests and rallies. The action Never Again Action, in the last 2 weeks, attacked ICE offices in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia Los Angeles, demanding the release of prisoners from immigrant detention facilities, comparing them with concentration camps.

"As mostly white or white-passing Jews, we feel obligated to make heightened risk the baseline of what we are doing,” Sophie Ellman-Golan, one of the organizers of Never Again Action, told VICE News.

Drawing an analogy with the Holocaust, activists block federal buildings and shout out "Never Again for Anyone," “Never Again Means Now” and “Close the Camps.”

According to rough data, around 4,000–5,000 people took part in protests across the country, and according to unofficial data, approximately 120–130 people were arrested for excessive aggression or unauthorized actions.

Protest organizer in Boston, Catalina Santiago with Movimiento Cosecha заявила, “The Jewish community definitely has the ability to pull the heartstrings of people, and we’re seeing a shift of public opinion.”

New York Senator Chuck Schumer also supports these protests and calls on the administration of the US president to replace the entire CBP leadership.

ICE vs Jews: 120 Protestants arrested

ICE vs Jews: 120 Protestants arrested


IMAGE: Bastiaan Slabbers / / lobal Look Press

Author: Usa Really