Turkish Coup Plot Make Sense in Light of Growing Trump’s Hate Club Membership
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Turkish Coup Plot Make Sense in Light of Growing Trump’s Hate Club Membership


Few Americans are close enough to Turkey or are exposed to accurate news sources to understand the implications of last year’s foiled coup plot. It now appears that the underlying agenda of the coup itself was to create the conditions to take advantage of its failure.  

The same thing could happen in the US, and much for the same reasons. A government under threat, not by the people but certain elites and special interests—much the same now with Trump and all those who can’t get over the “might or right” of the Electoral College and how it works according to principles of the founding father.

As there, real people were involved, careers on the line, and many have been arrested. And some of the very same who had invested their lives into serving the Turkish government and military. Will the same thing happen in the US, and will we finally know the full extent of the crackdown and social media, and how censorship is eroding freedoms that Americans took too long as secure.

Who will be among the first ones to be rounded up?  And will Trump like Erdogan be able to crush effectively his political opposition in one swift swoop, rather than face opposition internally to his policies in a piecemeal fashion. If a real coup did occur in Turkey, in all likelihood it did, the government was well aware of it beforehand, a fact which not been effectively brought to light in the MSM in the US and most European countries.

As the black community in the US discovered long ago, if your cause is associated with one particular political party or set of socio-economic circumstances it can easily be marginalized. If activists with the same aim are present throughout the political, economic and social spectrum your cause becomes much more powerful because it has to be taken into account by people who identify with those who espouse it, rather than thinking them as “other” and easy to profile in a dismissive way.

The most significant of the steps Erdogan has taken since the coup is one which has not been given much analysis because it is the most consistent with his previous policies. But should Trump be taking notice, Erdogan claimed that the army was out to get him, he has closed all the military academies.

Now Trump is facing similar threats, not from the Army but from the other side of the political divide and within his own party. They want to paint him as a “loose cannon”, lacking credibility or coherence.

The hope is to break the ideological link which binds most Americans together, independence and love of freedom. And until lately, most Americans accepted such truths without question and view growing opposition as something from the liberal and angry left.

This hate group stands in the way of America being what Trump wants it to be. It must be divided into different segments, by presenting various positions as disparate plotters with different agendas.

Let me not be the first to predict a possible coup, as we are seeing the PR machine in motion, attacking current presidential policies; it has achieved this by restricting free speech and not letting people freely share their diverse views. That creates an association in the public mind between what they have been taught and what is the current reality, and where or not there will be violent opposition to an elected government. It has not drawn people to think that the only way to preserve democracy is to embrace extreme views, but that is the logical next step, and will come in time.

With the closeness of vested interests, bankers and various hidden agendas, “real or perceived”, would it not be possible that they are aware of each other's business including milking the average American and destroying the American Dream.

Now enters the convenient scapegoat, alleged or “secret negotiations" with Russia as would be the next president, and to paint Trump as having colluded with Putin in making sure that the election went his way.

The more the West accuses Putin the more he laughs, because these accusations, and the manner in which they are made, show the West for what it is. He will see that, no matter how much some may want him to suffer the same fate; he won’t because they know they are as implicated as he is alleged to be.

Welcome to the Hate Club!

Trump is held in low esteem by the haters, and with all of what is going on, the efforts to derail the Trump administration, it is becoming clear that there is something more to a planned "coup" and that needs exposure. 

These are some key issues that Americans need to be asking if they are able to understand the full implications of what has happened in other coups, not only the failed coup plot in Turkey, a recent case history in point, but our country's diplomatic direction in recent years.

This raises questions as who we are and who we are willing to get in bed with for short term gains. This is why all the practical gains from trade deals, negotiations, arms sales, and other measures to move America forward are rarely reported.

The real benefits have more to do than to make America Great Again but to keep America from being destroyed by enemies within.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman