Epstein chose victims at Trump's party
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Epstein chose victims at Trump's party


A recently launched high-profile court case against Jeffrey Epstein, a rapist, pedophile, and slaver, reveals new details of a sensational case.

The archival video of 1992 shows in detail the ordinary life of American businessmen of that time. Luxury, money, parties of rich and powerful persons, surrounded by beautiful women. Before the scandalous accusations and the beginning of the proceedings, Trump got along well with Epstein, this is confirmed by the phrase said in an interview.

Epstein chose victims at Trump's party

Several times, the current US president denied his connection with Epstein, publicly stating that he had stopped communicating with him more than 15 years ago.

But before the "stopping", Donald Trump organized a party to which today's defendant was invited.

Later, a lawsuit followed in the direction of Donald Trump, that a certain Katie Johnson, a 13-year-old girl, was raped in an orgy organized by Jeffrey Epstein. But the lawsuit was canceled for technical reasons, and journalists were skeptical of the charges.

Author: Usa Really