Muslims kept a girl in slavery for more than 15 years at Northern Texas
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Muslims kept a girl in slavery for more than 15 years at Northern Texas


U.S. District Court sentenced a Muslim family couple to 7 years in prison for moral and physical oppression of a girl who was forcibly held and was in fact their slave from the age of 5.

Today, it is known that the 58-year-old citizen of Guinea, Mohamed Toure and his wife 58-year-old Denise Cros-Toure, in 2000, being very rich people, organized a tourist trip to the USA for one girl from the countryside, and in the end they "purchased" a slave for himself to care for them and their biological children.

According to court documents from the age of 5, the girl was subjected to moral torture, humiliation and numerous beatings by Muslim fiends. The words “dog,” “slave,” and “worthless” were used as punishments. If the work of the unfortunate girl did not satisfy them, then besides the blows they could shave her head and make her sleep in a park near their home. She was also completely isolated from society and education, thereby hoping to make her actually dependent on service in their family, given that their biological children attended school.

Sentences announced by Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox of the Northern District of Texas, and Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey McGallicher of the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Houston Field Office in addition to imprisonment, include the payment of monetary compensation in the amount of almost 290 thousand dollars and the deprivation of the right to lawfully stay in the United States with subsequent deportation.

“I hope that today’s sentence brings some measure of justice and healing to the victim, who suffered untold trauma as a result of the defendants’ heinous crimes. The defendants stole her childhood and her labor for years, enriching themselves while leaving her with pain and an uncertain future,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband. “I am very grateful to all who supported, and continue to support, the victim as she attempts to rebuild her life. The Department of Justice will continue to investigate and vigorously prosecute human traffickers and vindicate the rights of their victims.”

Muslims kept a girl in slavery for more than 15 years at Northern Texas

Author: Usa Really