4-year-old Girl Was Sexually Assaulted by Detention Officer
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4-year-old Girl Was Sexually Assaulted by Detention Officer


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – June 18, 2018

47-year-old Jose Nunez was arrested at about 3 to 4 a.m. on Sunday and charged with the aggravated sexual assault of a 4-year-old girl. According to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, Nunez is a detention officer, who is a 10-year veteran. He was off-duty at the moment of the arrest. Salazar said there may also be other victims. If he is convicted, he will face at least 25-years in prison.

“It’s a felony one and it carries a minimum 25-years sentence,” Javier Salazar said.


“We also have reasons to believe that there may have been other children that were related to the suspect and may have contact with him so we are asking anybody that has any reason to believe that their child may have been affected by this to, please, give us a call at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office: 210-335-6070,” said the Sheriff. 

Authorities believe that Nunez had been assaulting the little girl for at least several months, if not years. Right now specially trained officers are working with the young victim to obtain more information about the case, but it will be difficult due to her age.

At this stage of the investigation the police believe he acted alone without any assistance.

“The details of the case are quite frankly heart breaking, disturbing, disgusting and infuriating all at the same time, to be honest with you,” said Salazar. We agree with him. “She’s female relative of this suspect,” added he. Later he said that the little girl’s mother had a similar relationship with Nunez.

Salazar also indicated the mother is an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala. Nunez threatened that he would report her if she went to authorities.

“The mother of this little girl is an undocumented immigrant and my understanding is that this suspect utilized that to his advantage to place the mother in fear that she would be deported if she did report it,” Salazar continued.

But the mother couldn’t have left her child in such a state. It took all her courage to report the crime to authorities.

“The mother of the victim last night made an outcry, the little girl made an outcry to her mum and the mother took to the local fire station to make a report from there they notified deputies of the case and we began working on it from last night into this morning,” the visibly shaken Sheriff said.

“As we understand this suspect had physical contact with this little girl touched her genital area, which caused pain and at least some indications of minor injury,” Salazar revealed other disgusting facts. “The little girl now is safe and we continuing to process the case.”

The girl’s resident status remains unknown.

“Folks like this are creatures of habit and opportunity,” Salazar said. “I don’t know that he was purposely targeting the undocumented community. Certainly what was appealing was the vulnerability of that community because they are less apt to report things.”

Salazar urges anybody that maybe undocumented, who is a victim of a crime or a witness to a crime to come forward and report it. The police will fill out the proper paperwork to give such persons protected status.

The Sheriff outlined emphasized that the mother will be protected.

“She is given protected status pending the outcome of this case. It’s just important that they (undocumented immigrants) feel comfortable enough to give us a call and report the crime if that’s the case,” he said.

We earlier reported the super light sentence given to an elderly molester from California. In this blue state the child molester, who sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl, received only three months of house arrest for his horrendous crime.

Texas is a red state and the “super” aggravated sexual assault of a child is a first degree felony, with an enhanced punishment range. Texas Penal Code § 22.021 (f).  It carries a potential sentence of 25 years to life imprisonment, plus a $10,000 fine and lifetime registration as a sex offender. A person convicted of the offense and sentenced to prison is ineligible for parole.

There are more disturbing facts about this story. The deputy will be on a 10-day administrative leave from the agency. The first ten days will be paid. Again, Nunez will be paid for 10 days workdays and the money for his ‘service’ will come from taxpayer dollars.

“I will be completely honest with you, my objective is to separate this person from the agency as soon as possible. Myself, my command staff, my investigative staff we are committed absolutely to rooting out misconduct in this agency. We will do everything that we can to make sure that happens,” said Salazar.

This is at least the fifth criminal case this year involving Salazar’s employees.

4-year-old Girl Was Sexually Assaulted by Detention Officer

April 19, 2018 Jose Raul Paez was indicted on an assault charge over an off-duty incident that occurred in February 2017.

4-year-old Girl Was Sexually Assaulted by Detention Officer

April 17, 2018 Leonard Lopez, a 15-year veteran, was charged with sexual assault related to a 2016 incident involving an acquaintance.

4-year-old Girl Was Sexually Assaulted by Detention Officer

April 11, 2018 Deputies Michael Gomez and Anthony Hernandez were indicted on charges of official oppression. Authorities accused them of assaulting an inmate in August.

There is more

Although the evildoer is now in jail now, we shouldn’t celebrate too soon. As there were some people who attempted to push their own agenda using the limelight of this horrible case.

According to the San Antonio Express News, Jenny Hixon, director of education for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, said the organization blames Senate Bill 4 for adding to immigrants’ fears about coming forward to police.

“This is obviously a clear example of what happened with SB 4 creating an environment where they feel they don’t have rights anymore,” Hixon said.

Does this seem correct to you? Hixon claimed that this law enforcement officer was able to abuse a 4-year-old child because of SB 4. Although anyone can argue with our point, but, it is obvious there is no connection between Nunez’s atrocious acts towards this little girl and Senate Bill 4 except for Hixon own words. It is truly disgusting that there are such devious people, who care more about their own goals than they do the safety of children.

We must say no to Mr. Hixon. We won’t allow you to put your agenda before children’s safety.

If our readers have any real measures or ideas which may help to protect vulnerable children, please feel free to contact us and tell us your thoughts. We will put use our best efforts to help to implement your suggestions.

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