Liberal Education Reforms Are Dumbing Down America
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Liberal Education Reforms Are Dumbing Down America


WASHINGTON, DC — June 19, 2018

Globalization’s influence creates a situation where international organizations end up governing national education policies instead of states. Nowadays neoliberalism is the mainstream ideology of modern education reformers.  Liberal-minded teachers and professors have invaded our government, universities, and schools. They don't teach, rather, they impose their liberal values. Teaching, for me, is about preparing kids to live for themselves, to think independently and live in accordance with their own convictions. But what we see in schools?  Children are forced to write essays on strictly defined themes with pre-defined conclusions. There is no longer any analysis of counter-arguments. In fact, no data is even offered upon which such a counter–argument could be based. This is not real education. It is not teaching children to challenge ideas and think for themselves. This is anti-education: teaching them what they must think.

Schools these days are what Stefan Stanford recently dubbed "re-education camps," where liberal activist teachers and professors are now more concerned with "teaching" their ideology to students, basically indoctrinating them, than they are about educating them in basic subjects such as English, math, social studies, history, science, etc.....

As a result, declining educational attainment among the general population.  According to a new story over at The Times the IQ scores of young people have begun to fall after rising steadily since the Second World War, according to the first authoritative study of the phenomenon.

The decline, which is equivalent to at least seven points per generation, is thought to have started with the cohort born in 1975, who reached adulthood in the early Nineties.

Scientists say that the deterioration could be linked to changes in the way math and languages are taught, or linked to the shift from reading books to spending time on television and computers.

Yet it is also possible that the nature of intelligence is changing in the digital age and cannot be captured with traditional IQ tests.

According to data revealed by Psychology Today, throughout the past few decades standards for graduating out of high school have become lower and lower. Only 33 percent is now considered a "passing grade" in math, and more students are failing to even meet that low standard.

For decades we have witnessed documented evidence that in order to increase graduation rates, schools have consistently been lowering the standards required to graduate. The latest example of this was reported in January 2018, when the San Ramon Valley school district passed a policy change to "redesign high school graduation requirements," by reducing the number of credits required to graduate.

While the dumbing down of America is getting more and more obvious officials refuse to face the truth and hit the brake to slow these reforms. The indoctrination into liberal activism begins in college, where dangerously radical professors then have two to four years to "re-educate" those students.

Just looking at the front pages of the College Fix and Campus Reform websites, where they detail the day-to-day activism versus actual education, being "taught" to students across America.

Let us take a look at just a few of the things seen on the front page of Campus Reform today: Prof claims Google search algorithms 'privilege whiteness'; The American Association of University Professors "censured"The University of Nebraska-Lincoln for disciplining an instructor who publicly berated a conservative student on campus last year; Human rights prof says Venezuelans 'better off' under socialism; Liberal speakers outnumbered conservatives 11-1 at Indiana U; Harvard Medical School has removed 31 portraits of its former department heads from a lecture hall because all of the individuals are men, and 30 of them are white; Muslim professor made students praise Allah before entering office; Georgetown called out for urging donations to left-wing groups; Prof warns of ‘theocratization’ of Constitution by conservatives, and; Course applies 'feminist methodologies' to scientific research.

And all of those are just some of the many examples just  Campus Reform's homepage.

College Fix: College that funds Planned Parenthood rally, ‘God is Dead’ event but shuns pro-lifers hit with discrimination suit; New high-profile Columbia Journalism School professor donated to Hillary Clinton 40 times since 2015; Occidental College changes queer housing policy after College Fix inquiry (Housing option originally appeared to exclude straight students);  Sociology department website encourages parents to let children engage in ‘sexual play’, and; Public university lets Quidditch Club choose its own leaders but not Christian group: lawsuit.

From these headlines and articles alone, it can be reasonably assumed that if a student is religious or white, or male, or pro-life or conservative, the universities and colleges, along with their school officials and their professors, teaching our nation's students, are consistently hostile against those students.

 And the worst of this story is that the work of these neo-liberal professors to dumb down the nation is being funded by our tax dollars, alumni gifts, and tuition payments. It's time to wise up.

Author: USA Really