The US government is lies through the teeth to the Americans: NO job growth
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The US government is lies through the teeth to the Americans: NO job growth


According to official information voiced by the US government and in particular by President Donald Trump, almost 150,000 jobs were created in July, but as it turns out, this was another lie of politicians looking for “votes” in the election race or in moonshot attempt to “save face”.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the number of jobs has not only not increased, it is rapidly falling. Real numbers show that the number of people holding several (two or more) working positions has increased by 235 thousand, which fully covers the imaginary indicators of the "disappearance of unemployment." It is worth recalling that since the spring the number of such workers has increased by at least more than half a million citizens. We can only conclude that unemployment is growing and almost none of those laid off this year found a job, and their previous responsibilities were transferred to others, without a significant increase in wages.

At the same time, BLS notes a prohibitively high percentage of retirement age workers. Due to the abnormally low pension payments, aged people are forced to look for work, at least for part time, so as not to die of hunger. This trend affects several layers of society at once by undermining the labor market, because of the willingness to "do anything" for ridiculous pennies, they literally cut off skilled workers who have to pay several times more.

The same goes for lower US production. Over the years of Trump’s reign and his foreign policy, countries around the world faced sanctions and new tariffs, American manufacturers began to suffer from such actions, since their whole business was based on raw materials from abroad, but now it’s even so strong an industry like the steel industry is stagnating and forcing the largest American enterprises to lay off hundreds of employees. According to the same BLS, the number of new jobs in the industry increased by more than 15 thousand, but this does not fit in with reality, where weekly news of mass layoffs pop up. This fact can only be explained as “shifting” the duties of those dismissed to those still not dismissed.

Author: Usa Really