Epstein's death is not suicide: The public requires answers
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Epstein's death is not suicide: The public requires answers


An emergency message about the incident with the defendant sex dealer and pedophile was received early in the morning of August 10. Authorities instantly declared Epstein's death a successful suicide attempt, but politicians, represented by Ocasio-Cortez and the people, refused to believe that it was an accident.

It is known that shortly before his death, new evidence was revealed of the involvement of the former US president, Bill Clinton, in Epstein's criminal fraud. According to prosecutors, pedophile Epstein was to stand trial and explain new evidence. But, surprisingly, the sudden death allowed Epstein not only to avoid a half-century prison sentence, but also to take with him to the grave all the dirty secrets of the Royal Family of Great Britain and the top authorities of the United States.

According to recent information, Epstein previously attempted to harm himself in July, but then the investigation regarded his actions as a way to go under house arrest in his 77 millionth mansion in Manhattan.

The American people have formed a rejection of all the information offered by the bribed media and “dishonest” politicians, so the people of America see in this murder only the concealment of evidence of more terrible crimes, in which very influential people around the world are involved.

The Americans on the popular Reddit website even compared the photo of Epstein who was still alive and his photo after death, and it becomes obvious that by external signs they are different people. Perhaps the influence of the imprisoned pervert is so great on the US authorities and law enforcement agencies that they cannot even accuse him or kill him.

Epstein's death is not suicide: The public requires answers

Author: Usa Really