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The U.S. Attack Of Stupidity
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The U.S. Attack Of Stupidity


Let's start by tradition with conspiracy theories or, more precisely, with total control of the entire Internet, and therefore the entire population of the planet. Google, the good old Google, as it became known this week, Trump's hatred was fueled by an interview with a former employee of the "evil corporation." The guy told how the leadership and in general all the employees hate the current president and even told the public about the "oath" that Google will apply best efforts to interfere in the election 2020 in order to prevent Trump from winning again. And they will succeed, do not think that I am for Trump or against, I'm just objective. Google along with Amazon, Twitter, Apple and other mass services control all the information that can be obtained on the network and if this is combined with many years of knowledge about the psychology of crowd behavior, then they will be able to manipulate the crowd, although ... we'll see in 2020.

The US authorities recently praised their ability to create jobs, so this all is a lie and fake. It is simply the laying of new responsibilities on old employees and the dismissal of hundreds of Americans. Everything is simple, the employee was fired, his duties fell on the shoulders of his colleagues, without a substantial surcharge naturally, and in the documents this operation is listed as a new workplace, according to the numbers, but the US authorities said that 180 thousand jobs were created , and in fact it is 230 thousand people with dual posts. Do not forget that pensioners are also forced to work hard part-time, and in the documents it is indicated as new employment.

Next in the line, who would have thought, no, not Democrats, this time the Republican Candice Keller, who claimed that the mass shootings were due to gays, open borders and video games. What nonsense this woman has in her head, okay, let's go in order, gays - these poor fellows are only killed by somebody, there were not a single case of a mass execution of a LGBT person by a representative; The second, immigrants - is debatable here, because everything, namely mass executions, was aimed against immigrants. Because of racial hatred, and basically they have single killings, and there are a lot of them, but you will also look at the statistics of those killed in mass executions and the number of killed by police over the same period, you will be shocked. And third, video games - Seriously? Does this woman consider video games a motivator? This debate has been going on since the 90s and not a single study has shown increased aggression among children, but the stupidity of politicians can affect the entire American nation.

And here, by the way, the mention that the immigration raid arrested nearly 700 illegal workers in Mississippi, and so the way the government vacates jobs, it deports illegal immigrants, it is clever.

Now a few words about the Illinois police, these freaks, burst into the house at 5 a.m. and shot a black kid while he was still in bed. My question is, are these SWAT agents self-asserting in this way? Maybe in their lockers, in the locker room there’s a counter of shot black guys, it’s like some kind of epidemic, the police are just crazy. Just do an investigation before the attack, find out who is in the house, and if there are children behave with restraint or simply do not hire mentally unstable idiots in special squads.

Here, finally got to the news from the very depths. To be honest, the criminals are extremely stupid creatures, but so much so ... Quite simply, Ashley Beth Rolland stole 5 grants and a bag of meth from a man and you might think, nothing surprising, but here’s the place where she’s hid it, it is extremely intimate and when a female officer searched her, she found a drug in her vagina. My question is HOW did she find a bag of drugs in her vagina if she didn’t intentionally reach into it with her hand? I think that if you try hard, you could get the script out for the next season of "Breaking Bad", maybe if she went for casting, she would be taken on the role.

A little tragic irony, this could only happen in the USA, in a country in which a person who fought for the rights of illegal immigrants was killed by illegal immigrants. Dear refugees, you at least studied the faces of those who should not be killed, and it’s better to even protect them. You harm yourself!

We move on to the next "attack of stupidity." The transgender was kicked out of the Baptist school. Question to trance, buddy, you all knew that they would expel you from college, why did you do breast enlargement, and then boasted about it. You had 2 ways not to go to church college or to endure until graduation.

Oh, the hottest news of this week. The most popular pedophile pervert in the United States was killed or he killed himself, so far it is not clear. But there are so many theories around this event. You yourself understand that there is rock-solid evidence of the involvement of the top of the US government in his pedophilic business, and before the court he first allegedly goes insane and then commits suicide. It smells like the work of special services.

And I would like to finish the today's release with something pleasant and this will be news about the full legalization of marijuana in Ohio. You may object that there are limitations. Yes, you are aware that in order to determine the alleged excess of the permissible THC value, which, as a result, the criminal will determine whether you or not, is IMPOSSIBLE. The police themselves informed the people that they and specialized laboratories cannot carry out such tests with high accuracy, so that for several months, Ohio residents can smoke weed even at the police station!


Author: Usa Really