In Terrible Discovery, a Child's Body is Found in a Suitcase
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In Terrible Discovery, a Child's Body is Found in a Suitcase



The police are investigating the case of a terrible find on the railway station Ageu City-Journal Square. A pink suitcase was found inside which was the body of a two-year-old girl from Virginia who had disappeared last summer.

The body of little Tema Plummer was found at about 1:15 p.m. under the Tunnel Avenue bridge at the end of Van Wagenen Avenue in Jersey City. The cause of her death is still unknown, but the police are convinced that she died outside the state. The police said that the baby was fully dressed, and the body was wrapped in a blanket, without visible injuries.

Tema's family is from Richmond (Virginia). They saw the little girl for the last time in  August of 2017.  The Richmond police had then sent out information about the missing child to other law enforcement agencies. At that time it was supposed that the girl may have gone with her father, Travis Plummer, to Charlotte Mecklenburg (North Carolina) or Jersey City (New Jersey)

A week after finding the girl's body FBI agents apprehended the girl's father, who was hiding in San Juan Bautista (Puerto Rico). The suspect is now awaiting deportation to Hudson County.


Author: USA Really