ICE raid in Mississippi: 40 illegal immigrants detained
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ICE raid in Mississippi: 40 illegal immigrants detained


Another wave of raids aimed at catching and deporting illegal immigrants revealed more than 40 workers at a poultry meat processing factory.

It is also reported that many of them worked on fake social security numbers and the employer was aware that most of its employees are in the US illegally. But according to the authorities, no one from the enterprise’s management has been charged.

According to official information, illegal immigrants detained and found guilty of violating immigration laws can go to prison for up to two years. Under the same laws, an employer who intentionally commits a crime by hiring unregistered refugees is required to pay a fine of $ 3,000 for each employee and imprisonment of up to six months. But according to prosecutors, this has not happened in US court practice.

It is reported that these raids were triggered by the recent major arrest of 680 illegal immigrants in 7 different factories throughout the Mississippi, about 400 are still in custody awaiting trial and deportation.

This productive raid has launched a chain of inspections across all major facilities across the state. Management responded quickly, but not enough. According to the investigation, they managed to fire most of the illegal immigrants, but not all.

Author: Usa Really