Forced Rooting Out of Racism in Pittsfield: Black History Courses
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Forced Rooting Out of Racism in Pittsfield: Black History Courses


Head of Pittsfield Public Schools, Jason McCandless, began an active fight against racism in the United States, provoked, according to him, by President Donald Trump. As part of his anti-racist campaign, McCandless has approved the introduction of black history courses at his school.

According to him, America was nurtured by hatred of blacks and he intends to fix it by “rewire of the brains” of children at school.

«This toolkit designed to help students stand up for themselves and to stand up for the others, is a toolkit they can use for good now and when they are partners, parents, employees, employers and leaders, it will serve them well. No matter where they go for the rest of their lives. The power of one to speak out against the bias, to speak out against hate, to speak out against making one human being feel less than another, has great power. Many voices working together in concert can counter misunderstanding and ignorance. Many voices together can overcome the hate, the blindness and the violence,» said Jason McCandless.

The main message of the new courses is the eradication of the signs of racism in the whole nation, starting from school-days. Hoping that such a practice would spread throughout the country.

Author: Usa Really