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Fun Which Is Not Funny At All
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Fun Which Is Not Funny At All


And our parade begins the wild incidents, the escape of thirteen rapists and pedophiles from under the supervision of the police. Yes, you heard right, somewhere in Wisconsin the perverts live, and for some reasons, the authorities decided to put them under home arrest. So you answer me, is this ok? On the whole, of course, about a thousand of these “domestic rapists” are conditionally free. You just think about it, thirteen criminals immediately after being released from custody, cut off a tracking bracelet and, most likely, “go hunting” for new victims. You can only applaud the police, so many crippled lives, so much effort to capture pedophiles, and then just freedom, and we sit in anticipation of new crimes.

But let's dilute our “criminal report” with a funny case, which consists now, attention, of a Catholic priest, black cleaners and one dog, indeed, what could go wrong with such a set. In general, two lovely women came to clean the priest’s house. Damn it, it starts like a joke. And he tells them that he cannot let them in, because his dog hates Afro-Americans, isn’t it funny? Racist dog. As they say, pets very often adopt the behavior of their owners, and here we draw the conclusions of the gentlemen. By the way, very talented guys made a wonderful, parody video that perfectly conveys the whole absurdity of the situation.

Now, to replace our crazy ideas from the Democrats, the Republicans have come with the most idiotic statements. Well, this is still one Republican named Steve King, but in the future there will be a huge number of moron politicians who can say that rape and incest "is the mover of population growth." Just think about it. The experienced speaker, in quotation marks, with his absolutely serious face, tells the public that pregnancy after rape is some kind of a norm and it’s alright. According to him, if every woman would terminate a pregnancy after each case of sexual violence, then humanity would extinct. It is he who defends the complete prohibition of abortion in Iowa, and this is his argument by the way. Let's invite him to give at least a dozen examples of prominent individuals who were conceived as a result of rape or incest.

Oh, the main news of the week and no less stupid. Donald Trump decided to buy Greenland! It even sounds like crazy nonsense. None of the politicians from around the world took this “fake news” seriously, they only added to their piggy bank one more reason to doubt the mental health of the US President. Some even presented it as a “sale of Danish citizens,” and it already “reek” of slavery or the sale of people, not land.

We turn to immigrants. We have three social news here and each of them is entertaining in its own way. One insane ICE employee decided to drive through a crowd of protesting Jews. There are just so many reasons to dismiss him, here are Jews, Protestants, an attempt to run into a pedestrian, the illegal use of pepper gas. My advice to law enforcement agencies is to tighten up the psychological tests of your employees, because they "smell like madness", well, or more often, let them get tested for drugs. By the way, he was fired and this is a good news.

The next case concerns immigrant children. So, the Trump administration intends to ban illegal children from attending school. At first sight it seems awful, let's hear both sides. Politicians claim that they are fighting illegal immigrants in this way and large expenditures from the budget associated with paying for education to refugees without documents will be removed with the help of this ban. In figures, it turns out almost 9 billion dollars. Well, it is a large amount, it looks reasonable. But the arguments against this policy seem more interesting to me. The children are “cut off” from education and, accordingly, from any work, which means that gangs or drug cartels will be their best choice as an employer. Hmm, sounds like not a good prospect for the Americans to grow. That’s why there are so many potential criminals in the country, because the authorities did not succeed in deporting them and, most likely, will fail in future. And now we have the choice to let the kids grow up to be good citizens and spend a lot of money, or ... give politicians even more money to invest, for example, in the military industry and it will turn out to be a country armed to the teeth, but not even able to sum two plus two. The sad picture.

And finally, a little news about Donald Trump. We then learned that our president, trying to speak to Shell employees, somehow made an incorrect agreement with their leadership. According to workers, their superiors ordered the attend president’s speech or lose pay for overtime hours. Holy smokes! Freedom of choice. Hard to imagine how it came up in the minds of plant management in Pennsylvania to ensure the 100% turnout of their employees to this event in such a wild way.


Author: Usa Really