Woodchucks’ Vandalism
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Woodchucks’ Vandalism


ADAMS, NY – June 20, 2018

Police believe a woodchuck could be responsible for the desecration of American flags at the Bellevue Cemetery in Adams, New York.

At first, residents thought the flags were being taken up and stolen from the Bellevue Cemetery by a nefarious vandal. But when authorities in Adams, tried to catch the thief they discovered that the culprits were actually woodchucks living in holes beneath the cemetery, said Police Chief Richard Tarsa.

The cameras didn't catch any critters red-handed, but according to Richard Tarsa, there was enough circumstantial evidence on the tapes to declare the case solved.

In sum, woodchucks stole up to 18 flags.

It’s not the first case where woodchucks have destroyed flags. In 2012 they stole 75 flags from Civil War-era graves from a cemetery in Hudson, New York.

Apparently, the flags had wooden poles that attracted the woodchucks — which are also known as groundhogs — and the city will take steps to have flags with non-wooden stems be placed on graves in the future.

Author: USA Really