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Friday the 13th, White Morons, And Gay-Satanists Or Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
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Friday the 13th, White Morons, And Gay-Satanists Or Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining


And we open our rubric with analysis ... yes it is a comparison of people's reactions to, literally, the same thing, just in different countries. As you may have guessed, this is about protests in Russia and the United States. Please note that the Russian Protestant caused a storm of encouragement and approval from the people. She was supported in her struggle against the government, but when it came to the US citizens, it caused only negativity and rejection. After all, both of them express their disagreement, express their point of view, and as a result, one shows courage, and the second should get up and go home and in general let the police do their work. It smells like hypocrisy.

And how can one not touch upon conspiracy theories and how megacorporations protect their dirty secrets. Yes, I'm talking about Google and how they incite their legitimate slaves, the police, on former employees who have incriminated evidence. Just take a look at the wording of the complaint filed with the police! They branded the former employee “suicidal”. And because of these words, almost hundreds of police officers rushed to neutralize a dangerous person. Seriously? It was more important for them to pick up a computer than to grab an insider.

It is not superfluous to mention that rumors about the potential danger to Trump in the upcoming elections are running on the network, just because of Google’s interference. Zach Vorhies, very consonant with Jason Voorhees and it seems to me that if he were really called Jason, then the detention would not have been possible. Why did Google’s “hand cops” act, but Trump’s squads didn't stop them? Well, the president wants to win the election, it would be fun to see how the two armies clashed.

And now it's time to mention some morons! Yes, you heard right, just morons! So the facts, a group of schoolchildren saluted to Hitler and sang hiking songs of the Nazi army! Trump declared the antifa - terrorists, so can he benefit from it and let the boys meet? It would be interesting to see how the discussion ends. Although I know Andy Ngo would get his ass beaten!

So, the next news is rather a showing off. As my grandfather said: “there wouldn’t have been luck but the bad luck helped”. You know it’s like “every cloud has a silver lining.” We calculated here, the police prevented 27 attempts at mass executions after two terrible massacres in Dayton and El Paso. The question is where were they before and why didn’t it work? So many murders due to the fact that law enforcement authorities did not care! Dear police, it’s time to start working on the money invested in you, because we are here only collecting news for you about the use of force against the Americans and the accidental killings of unarmed people. Speaking of the use of force, we have a foolish policeman trying to kidnap a 12-year-old girl, and when he didn’t succeed, he urinated on her and filmed it on his phone. The system of "prevention of mass killings" can and should be used in the search for crazy people in the ranks of the police, and at the same time pedophiles in religious organizations. Imagine what a benefit it would be!

Now let's talk about Trump. He made an interesting statement here that he wants to cancel birthright citizenship. This is neither a bad nor a good idea. On the one hand, we have millions of illegal immigrants who crave for this and it is technically illegal to grant citizenship to a person whose parents cannot remain in the United States, that is, they will be deported by law or leave of their own accord, and the child must remain in the care of social services, and on the other hand ... If you have any ideas, please write to us and discuss.

And here we have one more political news. Well, not quite political, just showed up another politician who is not friend with her own head. You probably don’t know her, her name is Jean Cramer and she is a city council candidate in Michigan, and she responsibly stated that she wants to keep "Marysville a white community as much as possible." She’s a gazillion years old and statements like this can put her career to an end. And people don’t like racists in power.

Satanists are fighting for the rights of LGBT people, in truth, there are more than 50 thousand members of the cult there and all are gay. You know, Satan is for more freedom while God has so many limitations. Just recall his Ten Commandments.


Author: Usa Really