Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Keeps Erupting, Provoking Fears of a Big Bang
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Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Keeps Erupting, Provoking Fears of a Big Bang


WYOMING – June 23, 2018

One of our previous stories documented suspicion many have that the US government was digging a number of connecting tunnels below the country in preparation for World War 3. It told the story of the mysterious booms that came from beneath the earth’s surface from Ohio to New York. And now fresh claims have surfaced, following the increased activity at Yellowstone.

Because the geyser field at Yellowstone National Park lies on top of an active volcano, with multiple chambers of magma from deep beneath the earth, the same energy that causes geysers to blow could spew an ash cloud as far as Chicago and Los Angeles.

People fear that if the geyser eruptions continue the super volcano could blow. This year the supervolcano has seen more than 10 eruptions from the Steamboat Geyser.

According to conspiracy channel secureteam10, the increased activity is linked to the alleged tunnel system.

"Most geysers erupt infrequently, but it has gotten to a point that scientists are able to predict it, and it proves something is going on below Yellowstone," wrote Tyler Glockner, who runs the page. The channel linked videos that had been supposedly recorded from the area and seismographs show the volcanic activity from various spots around the Yellowstone National Park.

One video was uploaded on June 18th, and has already racked up more than 350,000 hits since then.

Viewers were quick to share their opinions, and mostly agree that "Something is definitely going on below Yellowstone, deep underground."

People on the forum believe that Yellowstone is about to erupt.  It could erupt in five minutes, five years – or even 50 years from now. Nobody knows for sure, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Author: USA Really