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Legacy Of Contradictory


The first news to start with is children. What is happening in the minds of these ruthless "mothers"? But their actions, or rather misconduct, cause grief and regret. You may have heard of Esmerelda Garza, a woman who needed money so badly that she decided to sell her own children. Children aged 2 to 7 years have become a subject of trade for her. They probably did not even understand what was happening and why the most dear person betrayed them. The second case of wild irresponsibility was the incident in Oklahoma, where a woman fed dog feces to her two sons. The children were in a dire state, the doctors made considerable efforts so that they recovered. And these are not the most terrible stories, but you just answer, why give birth to children, then to torment and humiliate them. It would be useful to equate such actions with torture and judge for it.

We proceed to the next case, it is already more fun, so to speak, to defuse the situation. And whoever you think can cheer us up, of course, our beloved Donald Trump! Namely, his mind-blowing idea to stop hurricanes by dropping nuclear bombs on them. “Instead of banning abortions - forcibly inseminate all women”, and those who advocate abortion - castration, fight racism by whitener and many more interesting things.

And now to the contradictory, to the transgender. There are simply situations that are very controversial and I will talk about them now. The first news was the comment by one of the coaches of the women's volleyball team in Hawaii. The guy claims that the inclusion of a sportsman in the women's team will cause an imbalance in sports, as the      physical abilities of an athlete is much higher than that of girls. This is a team sport, there it may not be so noticeable, but Jonathan Eastwood performs solo in 800 and 1500 meter races. In our article, we indicated a couple of his “average” results, but even they break female records in these disciplines. The funny thing is that he could not win anything during his three years of college and for some reason he didn’t get the idea to “train harder” he just decided to participate in competitions where his rivals are weaker. And the third transgender in our digest is the 31-year-old Adree Edmo. You won’t believe it, but this is a convicted pedophile rapist who decided that while he is in prison, he or she, or whatever, can do a sex change operation for free. Well, not exactly for free, at the expense of taxpayers, and most interestingly, the court sided with the grief of transgender people and according to the decree, everything will be paid from the state budget. In general, the excessive tolerance will lead to the disappearance of women's sports and the possible impoverishment of American citizens.

And now religion. Briefly, The Pennsylvania House of Representatives now can ban constitutionally the chaplains who don’t believe in higher power or God for delivering opening invocations at its meeting. Conclusion: religious fanatics are crazy. You just think, “It’s forbidden to pray because you don’t believe in God,” It’s time to introduce fines on their decisions “to think”, they should all be taken on faith. Thinking is forbidden - only allowed to believe. By the way, here you can rank the military, they are generally forbidden to believe or think, you can only obey orders.

A couple of absurd cases occurred with transport safety. The first one is when the TSA decided that souvenir Coke bottles shaped like thermal detonators from Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park would not be allowed in carry-on or checked bags. The case when the authorities are afraid of soda. The second case occurred in Detroit. A Chinese student arriving there brought a body armor with him. For this, the customs service canceled his student visa and sent him back to China. It was tough, the Chinese government that notifies its citizens of mass executions in the United States and calls for caution, and the US authorities are punishing them for excessive caution. Bullshit.

And finally, to briefly mention a few more news. One of which, about a 58-year-old prisoner, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment for stealing $ 50 from a bakery. The guy was 22 years old, justice in all its glory. But after reviewing his case, he goes free.

And the last I recommend you visit our site. We published a short article about how Facebook rules were “beautifully” broken. The rules are prohibiting the advertising of firearms. We included this video in the article.


Author: Usa Really