Overweight problem in USA leads to denial of personal hygiene services
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Overweight problem in USA leads to denial of personal hygiene services


A resident of Houston, Texas, was denied a pedicure procedure. The employees of the Rose Nails beauty salon, at the request of Tina Lewis to provide services, said that she was "too big" and a special chair equipped for this "will come apart because of her weight."

“I'm sorry I cannot serve you because my spa chair is very small,” answered the employee of the salon.

In most cases, one could blame the company's policy of discrimination, but this case is different. This is a problem common throughout the country. People who do not want to monitor their health completely blame everyone around them for their infringement.

Marie Bui, that employee who refused Ms. Lewis, explained that they already had an incident when a client with overweight problem broke such a chair and the price of a new one is more than two hundred dollars, so it’s more profitable to refuse a person than to pay big money every time it breaks equipment.

“Insulted” Tina Lewis and her mother stated that they would never go to this salon again and they should hang a sign that they do not serve “very heavy people”.

It is reported that the maximum load on the average pedicure chair is 200 kilograms. According to doctors, a person with such physical indicators is permanently in the “risk zone” for cardiovascular diseases, and the central nervous system and all internal organs are under tremendous stress.


Author: Usa Really