Hong Kong Demands Sanctions Against China And The U.S. Military Interference
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Hong Kong Demands Sanctions Against China And The U.S. Military Interference


Hong Kong, September 8. Ten thousands of protesting people with the American flags in their hands gathered in Hong Kong in front of the U.S. Consulate General building. The action is agreed upon and is held with permission of authorities. The demonstrators demand the U.S. to intervene the situation, they want to prevent the total integration of Hong Kong with China and demand independence.  

The U.S. Consulate General is located on Hong Kong Island near the Admiralty subway station, 26 Garden Rd, Central. Both this station and the next stations were blocked by police in order to prevent crowding. Besides, the main land highways were blocked for traffic that is why the most of demonstrators arrived at the rally on foot.  

Hong Kong Demands Sanctions Against China And The U.S. Military Interference

The significant number of the demonstrators was holding small American flags but there were the dozens of those who were waving huge U.S. flags. Once such group of people joined the bigger crowd everybody would start shouting and chanting: “America is with us”. This slogan is exactly copying the one of the Ukraine’s coup d’état participants in 2014.

In general, the whole organization of the action is very similar to the Maidan’s. It is seen that the rally participants are divided into groups controlled by leaders. The leaders command and direct the people, chant the needed slogans, distribute campaign agitation and even organize the work with the press. Thus, seeing a white man with a camera they clear the room around and immediately put the necessary slogans in the frame with appeals to the U.S., EU, and UN criticizing continental China and complain over the police.  This performance happened several times before FAN correspondent, believing that he was a western television employee. 

All protesters without exception told FAN correspondent that they wanted the direct interference from the U.S.A.

 “The U.S. must tell the China’s authorities that Hong Kong is a special territory, we are not China and we will never be. We demand independence and we will not give in to these communists, we are going to protect our freedom and independence”, - one female protestant shouted to the FAN camera.  

Herewith, when Fan correspondent mentioned that according to the International Agreements Hong Kong is a Chinese territory, she claimed that “Hong Kong citizens have the right to choose in what country to live.” And when the FAN correspondent said that in the similar situation the West impeded Crimea citizens to choose where to live, in Russia or in Ukraine, the girl claimed that the West should have supported Crimeans because “people’s opinion is more important than international rules and laws”. This discussion raised interest amongst the other protesters most of whom were stating that they wait the U.S to support them not only in sanctions against China but even up to the military interference.  

Hong Kong Demands Sanctions Against China And The U.S. Military Interference    

Besides, many of the demonstrators shared the rumors, for example, about the police murdered several protesters during the night riots near Prince Edward subway station. And nobody really trusted the words of FAN correspondent who spent the night filming the protests right near the very subway and never saw any illegal actions from the police, not to say about murder. Nevertheless, these rumors now are massively circulated in Western social networks and even media; although they are obvious a disinformation.      

It is noticeable, that Hong Kong citizens don’t consider themselves Chinese people and hate or even despise the Chinese people from the Continent.

Hong Kong Demands Sanctions Against China And The U.S. Military Interference

Along with thousands of demonstrators the FAN correspondent walked to the nearest acting subway station. There the activists continued with chanting anti-Chinese slogans, behaved rude to police officers provoking them to violence. And throwing heavy objects to police or blinding them with powerful laser-lights are already a commonplace.   

In general, the situation in Hong Kong is going out of authority’s control – police is selective and careful in its actions while the protesters act more and more aggressive. This is exactly the same way the events were developing on the Maidan in 2014 that ended up with coup d’état because the police lost control over the city.

FAN is monitoring the developments.   

Photos by Igor Petrashevich/FAN   

Author: Usa Really