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Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds
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Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds


Last week, the Mexican president proposed decriminalizing all drugs. Just imagine a lawless country next door to us. Fantastic? I do not think so. Considering this drug trafficking from and through Mexico, the US could drown in drugs. The funny thing is that some politicians supported him. But it seems to me only because they despaired, because they simply can not cope with the cartels. As far as I understand, 90 percent of the salaries of Mexican cops come from the pockets of criminals, so what's the point of biting the hand that feeds you?

The women's sports are on the verge of collapse. So, the weightlifter won the competition, although one of the sports federations forbade her to participate. Well guys, it's time to understand that sport is a battle not of specific individuals, but of organisms capable of functioning at maximum power under the constant effect of medications. In the case of trans-athletes, this is semi-natural doping, a mixture of boiling hormones mixed with a whole bunch of drugs and tranquilizers. Here you have the sport. Go to the next news.

And here we have religious censorship. The books on which the whole generation grew up at one point became banned. Harry Potter. You just listen the leadership of the Catholic school withdrew all the books by Joan Rowling from their library, because there is a chance to cause an evil spirit. God Almighty! That sounds extremely ridiculous. Some school official, for the sake of this, consulted with exorcists and priests in Rome. Although it seems to me that it would be much more productive to go to a psychiatrist and let the children get a tremendous pleasure from the books.

Speaking of prohibitions, here is the statements of Democrat Joe Biden about limiting the sale of weapons. This, of course, is the next nonsense that politicians are trying to feed us in the struggle for power, but it sounds like this, he wanted to withdraw all “magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them” from sale. Let’s also remove wheels to all vehicles from sale, because every day thousands of motorists and cyclists die. In general, you understand what I'm getting at, politicians do not know what to promise so that everyone will be satisfied.

By the way, Walmart responded to this call and announced the termination of sales of firearms and in addition forbade the Americans from entering stores with guns or rifles. It is not clear to whom they made it worse. Now sales have simply skyrocketed in smaller distributors of firearms, and those people did not feel much discomfort, well, we will follow the development of events.

But the next reason for discussion is not entirely about the Americans, but about the problems of humanity as a whole. There is such an organization, Ex-Muslims, and here the guys are fighting to not be persecuted. The bottom line is that countries where Islam is more important than family ties and more important than the state, literally declared a hunt for those who have renounced their faith. We published an article that slightly illuminated the attitude of Muslims towards gays and former Muslims, and we do not forget about the poor women who, in protest, took off their hijabs and get a dose for life.

You know, we haven’t remembered the police for a long time. There are a lot of freaks amongst them. So one of these cops being in the house where the boy committed suicide decided to jerk off while the dead boy was still in the house.  Maybe the dead men turn him on, but this is extremely unacceptable behavior for an ordinary person, not to mention the police. Moreover, he did not just, you know, find the disk in his father’s bedside table, he intentionally hacked the poor boy’s computer and family Wi-Fi network and downloaded the porn. Four movies. Only imagine what it would look like if an undertaker came to take the body away and caught the guy watching porn with his pants down. But the justice isn’t sleeping and he’s going to prison for 12 months.

Now let's dilute our podcast a bit with funny news. Immediately warn overeating is unhealthy. Well, in the sequel, the staff in one of the beauty salons in Houston refused to pedicure a very heavy woman. According to the saloon, the chair would break under her weight. The maximum load is 440 lbs, and the load on the heart of this Madame is even greater. The funny thing is that she was still unsatisfied with the refusal. She must buy her own pedicure chair and come to the salon with it.

And finally, the most incomprehensible news. Just imagine, you work as a dishwasher and believe in God, then the management order you to go to work on Sunday, when you must be in church, you refuse and get $ 21 million for it. Perfectly! Perhaps now this is my business plan for life. You must admit that the court somehow awarded a lot of money to a woman, although on the other hand, no one should work without a weekend, maybe the punishment was fair, it was still a Hilton hotel, they don’t suffer with poverty.


Author: Usa Really