17-year-old drug addict hired two people to kill parents
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17-year-old drug addict hired two people to kill parents


Alyssa Hatcher from Umatilla, Florida, admitted to two unsuccessful attempts to hire killers to kill her own parents. According to the suspect, the first time she withdrew $ 500 from her father’s bank account in order to pay for a dose of cocaine and murder.

Investigators in the framework of this case interrogated a boyfriend of a juvenile delinquent. He said that he had heard about an “order” for her parents from her when she was in a drug den under the influence of drugs.

The second time, Alyssa stole a little over $ 900 and gave it to an unknown man. Neither the first nor the second attempt were successful.

Alyssa Hatcher was reportedly detained at home. She also described everything in written confession during interrogation.

"This is a sad case when you think about the family dynamics and everything," Sergeant Fred Jones, of the Lake County Sheriff's Office, told Fox 35 Orlando. "I couldn't even imagine something like that."

It is reported that the investigation, which revealed a 17-year-old potential killer, shocked the parents. To date, they have indicted their daughter. Also, Alyssa Hatcher did not name the motives for her crime.

The police also said that they had never received reports of domestic violence in this family, the reputation of the parents and, in general, about the family was positive.

Author: Usa Really