Dutch YouTubers Arrested at Area 51: First Attempt to Storm
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Dutch YouTubers Arrested at Area 51: First Attempt to Storm


According to official information from the Nye County’s Sheriff’s Office, two Dutch citizens were detained in a secret military base in the Nevada desert. They were 20-year-old Ties Granzier and 21-year-old Govert Sweep. According to the latest information on the YouTube channel of the arrested Granzier, there are an audience of more than 700 thousand subscribers.

Intruders ignored warning signs and traveled several miles through the forbidden territory. At the moment, they are being held in the county jail. They are charged with illegally entering the US Air Force military base.

It is reported that for such a violation they can be convicted and sent to prison for 6 months, and criminal charges will be accompanied by an impressive monetary fine.

According to the testimonies of the detainees, they were going to film the place of the alleged assault on “Area 51”. During a search of the car, many other video cameras and quadrocopters were revealed, on which frames of classified territory were captured.

The Storm of Zone 51 was a world-famous event, jokingly organized by Matty Roberts. Facebook later blocked the post due to "event went against our Community Standards." It is reported that the storm was scheduled for September 20, and over two million people were willing to participate.

According to official figures, both trespassers could die, not because of a secret alien weapon, of course, but because the military patrolling the borders of Area 51 have the right to open fire with intent to kill. Fortunately, no one was hurt and this situation did not turn into an international scandal.

Author: Usa Really