From Ohio with Hepatitis
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From Ohio with Hepatitis


OHIO — June 25, 2018

According to Ohio’s health department, a statewide outbreak of hepatitis A is expected.

The state officials have reported that there were 79 hepatitis A cases revealed in Ohio since the beginning of this year. Supposedly many of the cases are linked to a multi-state outbreak in neighboring states.

The number of cases is almost twice as many as what was reported last year.

A large number of hepatitis A cases have been registered in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia as well.

Hepatitis A affects the human liver. It manifests itself via different symptoms including abdominal pain, jaundice, vomiting, fever, diarrhea.

Regardless it is well known the disease is transmitted by oral contact with fecal matter; unfortunately there is no information to understand the causes of the hepatitis A cases outbreak, and therefore to launch any counteractions to combat it.

An outbreak can be forced by the lack of treatment facilities system, issues with the state medical warning or health care services, a sudden contamination of canalization drains.

Hepatitis A is a disease which may spread out from a territory like a thunderstorm. Getting several infected people with the fast food restaurants or motels systems is absolutely enough to seed new focus on the spread of the disease throughout Ohio and neighboring states.

The state health care system should concentrate on uncovering the sources and reasons of these events, because hepatitis A has no border and during the December-March period the mass outbreaks were also detected in 13 European countries, like Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, others.

At the beginning of the summer, there were thousands of cases detected mostly between homosexuals.

Ohio is, fortunately, not famous for its LGBT activities, unlike other states; nevertheless the health department should attempt to remind the state's gays to at least attempt to keep reasonable hygiene standards.

Author: USA Really