Minnesota gang of black teens ruthlessly beats one white
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Minnesota gang of black teens ruthlessly beats one white


The brutal attack was captured by a surveillance camera near the Minnesota Twins stadium. This video was published on September 13th.

The footage clearly shows how one in a dozen African Americans comes close to a man sitting on the curb and grabs something from him, thereby provoking a conflict. A black criminal realizing that their majority deliberately acts so clearly and arrogantly.

When trying to get up, the white man receives two blows in the face and tries to escape, but a group of wild black bandits surrounds him and begins to brutally beat, striking the head and body.

For several minutes, the man is desperately trying to avoid serious injuries by covering his head with his hands.

Criminals in whom this is clearly not the first attack, excites his helplessness. One of the blows in the face sends the victim into a deep knockout and, taking advantage of the moment, they jump with two legs at him. Later, gang members take off their shoes from a frightened man, and then their pants, simultaneously inflicting countless blows on the head.

For several minutes, an unknown, severely battered man is simply trying to survive in a series of violent attacks. One of the attackers also rode a bicycle on a man lying on the ground.

Over the past few months, a wave of brutal attacks swept across America. This attack can be considered the sixth group attack in the last 2 months, where only white people became victims.


Author: Usa Really