New Jersey Resident Paddle Boards Across the Hudson River in His Business Suit
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New Jersey Resident Paddle Boards Across the Hudson River in His Business Suit


NEW JERSEY — June 25, 2018

The trip only took him about a half-hour to complete, as he was running late for a meeting in New York with a potential manager. As he said about his morning voyage: "I got a free commute and a free shoe shine out of it."

Onlookers were puzzled to see him. Eunice Rivers was taking the ferry to work in Jersey City, when she saw a man paddling across the river, wearing a full suit and dress shoes.

She took a photo and published a video on social media. Many other witnesses shared her amusement over the unusual sighting.

"Everybody was just laughing," she told. "People just couldn't believe it."

Moreover, he ultimately managed to stay dry, when he left from water.

Later Holt admitted that he almost fell into the water. "Boats' wakes were coming at me from different angles and the current was quick closer to Manhattan," Holt told journalists.

When he finally reached the other side of the river, the police and an irate Water Taxi captain were waiting for him

"The Waterway guy was straight out of a movie, screaming, 'Are you trying to f****** die out here?'" Holt said. "He was being helpful but cursing me out at the same time."

The Police officer joked with him; let him off without an arrest and let Holt make it to his meeting on time.

"The meeting didn’t go as well as my commute. I’m still looking for a manager." later said Holt. "But I'm glad if it’s making people laugh, it’s a good thing."

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