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The System Has Overdone
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The System Has Overdone


The first guest in our parade will be a "demonstrative flogging". It seems to me that the justice system has overdone a little. In general, a guy whose work was to repair trucks and it happened that those trucks were carrying marijuana. Let's analyze this case. Terrorists, rapists and murderers are imprisoned for 20 or 30 years and then are released, and the guy who just repaired the cars that transported drugs has got there for life without the right of parole. How is that? There are the states where the possession and use of marijuana is legal. Moreover, marijuana is a business on an equal basis with others in America, ask Iron Mike about that. So, is it really such a serious misconduct to put a guy in jail forever? Madness.

Well, since we started talking about the laws, then this is the case when two black gangsters decided that they were the toughest and decided to threaten a McDonald's employee with weapons, because the burgers were cold. Guys, well, you came to McDuck, what did you expect? This is one of the most terrible garbage dumps in the country, be happy that you were served at all and didn’t get backfired. According to the latest news, even the police bypasses these fast foods. After all, McDonald’s employees purposefully expel all who wear “uniform.” Well, guys are also some kind of unbalanced, if they threaten somebody with a gun because of such nonsense. They’d better be sent to a psychotherapist instead of prison, or to “The Dumbest Joke” contest, because they said during that they were just joking. Okay, let's move on.

Oh, this is generally the wildest thing I've heard lately. Listen carefully! The 17-year-old girl hired two killers to kill her parents! Ha! Somebody is watching too many films. In details, she is a cocaine addict, and she stole about one and a half thousand dollars from her parents and gave them to some people who “said” that they were ready to kill two people for 900 bucks. It's just that the girl has corn puree instead of her brain. For details, go to our website, there are still a lot of similar stories.

And if you, like me, suddenly thought that the money was small, then the following defendants in our digest decided to think big. Remember how the Philadelphia refinery burned? So the owners decided to give themselves a bonus for this and to those who were dismissed ... And what is the matter with them? They are used to poverty, because the fact that they will not be given a salary again will not change anything. Just 4 and a half million dollars increase in the salary, you will not guess for what, for the plant management to work a little more until the bankruptcy process is over. Capitalism in action!

Now move to some funny news. All the same, somebody decided to storm Area 51. It becomes even funnier when you find out that these are 2 Dutchmen, not Americans. Imagine, two youtubers simply arrived in the forbidden territory of the US Air Force military base and decided to shoot a little video for their channel on YouTube, and now they can go to prison for 1 year, that's such a fun.

And now about the disgrace in the ranks of law enforcement agencies. Our police is to save us! It was probably founded for these purpose, but in fact it turns out the opposite. You may have heard about the cops from Illinois who broke into the house of a 16-year-old guy and nearly strangled him. In the end, he was also arrested for breaking into his house without a warrant, and he was frightened and began to defend himself. Of course there were accompanying details, in the form of a missing girl, but is this really a reason to attack a defenseless teenager? I believe not. Okay, let's dilute again with a positive.

In general, relatives of a Vietnam veteran found an awesomely huge arsenal of weapons in his house! We have a video on our site, so go ahead. In short, they found a whole mountain of rifles and shotguns in his house that could barely fit in a police truck, he also had mines, bombs, grenades, I think a few tons of rounds of ammunition and a lot of junk, so the guy was getting ready for something, well or decided to open a museum.

And finally, a couple of creepy news. The first one was about a video from a surveillance camera, which captured how a dozen black guys brutally beat one, while these guys themselves stole a phone from him or something like that. And when he demanded it back, they beat him, stripped him stealing his shoes and cloths and then ride their bicycles right on and over his body lying on the ground. The real madness in Minnesota, by the way the full video is also posted on our website, you just won’t believe it.

And the final news is about the gynecologist, who collected the remains of unborn babies after the abortions, which he carried out. This is generally a horror. He died on September 3 and his relatives paid a visit to his house. Hell, they found 2246 fetuses from abortions, honestly, it's disgusting and terrible. Either he loved his job so much, or it's a very strange fetish.


Author: Usa Really