The US millitary forces confirmed the UFO video authentication
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The US millitary forces confirmed the UFO video authentication


The U.S. Navy representative has for the first time confirmed that the video footage of an unidentified flying object, made in 2015 by one of the U.S. pilots, is genuine. He also clarified that Pentagon still can’t define the nature of the phenomenon captured on video.

The video codenamed “GO FAST” was first published by a group of researchers To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science and by New Your Times newspaper. Alongside this video there are two more similar video footages, that were allegedly declassified by Pentagon in August, 2017.

“The Navy characterize the objects caught on these videos as unidentified aerial phenomenon,” Joseph Gradischer, spokesman for US Navy intelligence Matthew Kohler, said.

“We use the appellation “unidentified aerial phenomenon” because this is a basic description of visual contacts/observations of non-authorized/unidentified flying objects fixed entering in the airspace of various military training ranges under the control of the army, " Gradischer specified.

It absolutely doesn’t mean that this is a flying saucer or any other aircraft of extraterrestrial origin pictured on the published frames. It only means that the US Air Force admitted that they could not identify the aerial phenomenon captured on video and it was categorized as unidentified.

To catch a fast-moving object and fix a camera on it was possible only on the third attempt. After that we can hear the pilots’ intercommunication.

“Whoa! Got it!”

“What the f*ck is that thing?”

 “Oh, my gosh, dude.”

“Wow, what is that, man?”

The “GO FAST” video was made by the F / A-18 Super Hornet carrier-based fighter-bomber equipped with the AN / ASQ-228 multi-sensor electro-optical sighting system, which includes several cameras, a rangefinder and a laser tracker.

The camera can shoot both in the normal visible range and in the mid-infrared region of the spectrum - in high resolution. The published video was recorded in infrared mode.

The US millitary forces confirmed the UFO video authentication

The exact date and location of the video shooting, as well as other additional information, was deleted by the source that provided all three videos - To The Stars Academy insists that it was the Pentagon.

However, a spokesman for the head of intelligence of the Navy denied this information and stated that, in fact, none of the three videos were declassified or intended for public viewing.

Earlier, representatives of the US military have already made similar statements.

A few months ago, at the request of The Black Vault, Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Goh said:

"The Department of Defense has never released these videos, and they are still classified."

Activists of To The Stars Academy did not comment or refute the official position of the ministry.







Author: Usa Really