Racist Referee who made an athlete cut dreadlocks suspended from work for two years
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Racist Referee who made an athlete cut dreadlocks suspended from work for two years


Trenton, NJ - On Wednesday, a disciplinary committee officially suspended referee, Alan Maloney from work for 2 seasons, due to his discriminatory behavior towards a black wrestler. It is reported that in competitions last year, Maloney ordered Andrew Johnson to cut his hair before the fight or lose the fight. The athlete obeyed.

As the investigation showed, Maloney first ordered the athlete to cover his hair, but when there was no suitable coating, a humiliating cutting of hair followed.

According to the official regulations, the rules indicate the “permissible length” of the hair, and not an unacceptable hairstyle, as in this case. That hairstyle became the "stumbling point" between the referee and Johnson.

The conclusion of the investigation was that the referee perverted the rule, believing that he could freely determine which hairstyles are permissible and which are not.

To date, it has become known that the sports association will conduct multiple trainings for officials to eliminate future conflicts, as well as once and for all to establish that the rule will apply only to hair length and not to hair style, regardless of the athlete’s race.

It is reported that Alan Maloney was suspended for the duration of the investigation. As part of this trial, he must also undergo mandatory training against bias, along with all the Referees and coaches of the New Jersey High School in which this conflict occurred.

According to recent reports, Maloney intends to appeal this decision and sue for libel.



Author: Usa Really