NASA Uses Photoshop! It's a Conspiracy!
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NASA Uses Photoshop! It's a Conspiracy!


FLORIDA – June 26, 2018

Some pictures of Triton, made during the space mission New Frontiers, have been tamped with by NASA, proclaimed Ufologists and conspiracy theorists. They claim that some areas in the photos have been carefully slipped–retouched to attempt to hide the most important thing that was caught by the lens of the space probe.

Some might say: “what’s the deal?” After all, nearly every image of the universe released by NASA or indeed anyone (even me) has more than likely been altered in some way; be it to sharpen it up a little, remove bits of dust on the lens, bring out more detail or even to correct for a slight misalignment of individual colors. But it’s never so easy or simple with conspiracy theorists, who believe that what these photos show are, in fact, clearly “drawn” mysterious structures, which prove that the Triton is an artificial, man-made object released into space as Neptune's satellite.

To support their theory they like to cite certain “facts.” First, Triton moves in a retrograde orbit, and consists of a stone shell that only covers some of the metallic core. Ufologists believe that this shell looks like a huge, disguised spaceship, which is what Triton, as well as the Moon, are in reality.

NASA Uses Photoshop! It's a Conspiracy!

Second, according to astronomer’s data Triton really “arrived” to the Neptune in the deepness of space, then slowed down and remained on today's orbit. It is also remarkable that Triton has a perfectly round shape, what is ideal for artificial objects but never actually happens in nature.  Third, Triton has its own atmosphere, with many lines and bizarre surface topography that resemble a network of roads, buildings or canal infrastructure, which have been caught on film by the space probe.

NASA does not comment on such statements from conspiracy theorists. Scientists do not see anything criminal about using Photoshop in space pictures.  It's probably surprising to learn that the human eye isn't the most efficient collector of light and that these enhanced images are much more representative of reality than our eyes can show us. The enhanced image not only makes it look prettier but, more importantly, it allows scientists to learn and deduce much more about the object under study.

So, conspiracy theorists, give NASA and other space scientists a break. After all, without them, we wouldn't get to see the true glory of the cosmos.

Author: USA Really