A Safety Committee in Every School - Welcome to Our New Reality
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A Safety Committee in Every School - Welcome to Our New Reality


OHIO — June 26, 2018

New ideas to keep students safer are coming to more and more US schools, in the wake of an unprecedented wave of school shootings.

Student safety was already on Goss-Reaves mind in light of recent events.

Discussions on school safety have resulted in the creation of a new committee.

It was announced that the Oak Hill school has now created an ad hoc committee to review school safety.

The thought was that all parents deserve the assurance that the school they choose to send their child to is as safe as possible.

The ad hoc committee is to review safety and security procedures currently in place, look into safety ideas and produce a report and recommendation at the first board meeting of the year.

“I just believe we need to be proactive with this,” Goss-Reaves. a member of the school board, said.

The committee will be comprised of two school board members and four to six volunteers not on the board. Teresa Shafer and William Lehman are the two board members on the committee, with Lehman serving as the chair.

The committee members’ hope that this will be a diverse group consisting of parents, teachers and community members.

School corporation safety specialists are planned to be invited to serve on the ad hoc committee as well.

As far as the fundraiser Oak Hill seventh-grader Melissa Kluevein started to improve school safety at the school, superintendent Joel Martin said the corporation would potentially be able to accept the money as a donation, though no communication has happened regarding the student and the schools.

The money would be handled like any other donation to the corporation and the school would try to use it for what the donor intended for it to go towards.

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