Snakes Like Swimming Pools as Well
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Snakes Like Swimming Pools as Well


OHIO — June 26, 2018

With temperatures consistently reaching new high, snakes may try to find respite from the heat in any way possible. There are now many warnings for pool users to check their noodles before jumping into the water.

An unidentified family left two pool noodles against a wall and found rattlesnakes inside them. When they went to use the pool, the pool noodles were picked up and brought to the swimming pool and out popped a rattlesnake. The snake did not attack, but was concerned about the pool noodles as there were a couple of young rattlesnakes who were still inside the pool noodle.

It was not a unique case. Fire departments have even had to post warnings on Facebook over the weekend.

Reports of snakes depositing their eggs in pool noodles have also been noted.

The snakes are looking for a hiding place because of the high summer temperatures and the best way not to be surprised by a snake in your pool toys is to not leave them out.

So watch where you store your pool noodles when they are not in use.

However when homeowners find or come into contact with a rattlesnake, (or any other type of snake) they should stay calm.

One of the worst things a person can do when coming across a rattlesnake is to start panicking. Snakes rely on vibrations to determine where you are. If you start moving fast and abruptly, you will only scare the snake more.

If you come across one, be sure to give it a lot of space, walk around it without frightening it, and remember that rattlesnakes can coil up and strike at great lengths, so give it as much space as possible.

If the first indication of a rattlesnake’s presence is the sound of its rattle, if you heard it then you had already startled the snake. Instead of running, stay still, and the most likely the snake will stop rattling and slither off after it has calmed down. Humans are much bigger than snakes, so there is no any benefit in biting unless the snake needs to protect itself.

Author: USA Really