Live on television joke is regarded as "harassment in the workplace"
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Live on television joke is regarded as "harassment in the workplace"


A reporter for NBC affiliate WAVE 3 in Louisville, in her opinion, and according to her colleagues, was sexually harassed by a stranger who wanted to jokingly kiss her. How to make a media circus out of nothing? You just need to invent a reason to accuse men of inappropriate behavior.

Footage of this video shows that during the live broadcast, an unknown man approached the reporter and tried to entice attention, showing gestures that slaps on the ass Sara Rivest.

"He pretended to smacked me on my butt that put his lips on me live on TV,” said in her diatribe, an offended reporter.

Sara Rivest tried to justify her giggle and smile after attempting a kiss by not knowing how to react. But she showed that she liked it, although it was unexpected.

To date, the "epidemic" of super-friendly behavior by people harassing reporters filming reports in public places is widespread around the world and so far no media worker has been so offended by such a "terrible" misconduct to file a lawsuit.

Sara Rivest is not one of the reporters who are ready to" tolerate kisses " from strangers and intends to punish the terrible criminal. "A hardener kisser" turned out to be Eric Goodman, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department. Now he is awaiting trial on charges of harassment.

«It was an exertion of power over me, a woman trying to do her job who couldn’t stop him. This embarrassed me and make me feel uncomfortable and powerless,” stated Sara Rivest.

All of these claims are that women are oppressed and need protection from men, even though this was just one of hundreds of similar cases around the world. If every joke is brought to court, you can be in the middle of a gray burned off desert without humor, flirting and chained in fear to talk to the opposite sex.

The full video of the "offended" report can be seen here. People in comments under the Rivest tweet advised the reporter to "Lighten up" and not look for a crime where there is none.




Author: Usa Really