Planned Parenthood tries to devalue evidence of fetal tissue trafficking in court
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Planned Parenthood tries to devalue evidence of fetal tissue trafficking in court


As it became known this week, a trial was launched in the case of the illegal collection of evidence against the mega corporation Planned Parenthood. In a lawsuit that the court examined on Wednesday, lawyers pointed to 15 illegal actions of journalists rooted in the staff of the company.

The legal department, representing the Planned Parenthood, noted 15 cases, including wiretapping and conspiracy. On the defense side, the secret investigative journalist David Daleiden stated that this was indeed a secret case and the court would have to consider all of evidence before it rendered a verdict on the illegality of obtaining evidence, which would undoubtedly lead to the exposure of Planned Parenthood as a seller of fetal tissue and born-alive infants.

“You can’t keep out from the lawsuit the reason why the entire project was undertaken,” Breen told The Federalist. “You can’t have a trial without telling people what they were doing in there or why they were there. That has a significant bearing on how you view the project.”

According to official information, the initial amount of compensation exceeded $ 16 million, but later the Planned Parenthood refused many of its claims because of the danger of disclosing the truth to the court about profit for the sale of fetal tissue.

It is reported that the next court hearing is scheduled for mid-November. According to the final form of the lawsuit, the plaintiff demands more than 600 thousand dollars of compensation for defamation, and the loser in this case will be required to pay for legal and attorney fees, which is likely to increase the amount several times.

More information will be available when both sides submit their evidence after November 15th.

Author: Usa Really